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I attended the Metallica concert at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, May 14th. Prior to this i checked the NJ Transit rail schedule to Hoboken following the concert as this was my mode of transportation home. According the schedule unless there was a C indicating a change of trains at Secaucus, there would be about 2-3 direct trains to Hoboken. However this was not the case. I should have realized this was going to be a nightmare when i asked the conductor on the platform if the train i was boarding would make a final stop in Hoboken and he answered with i have no idea! Then i arrive in Secaucus and was told we all had to disembark the train. At that time i was able to locate the rail line to Hoboken. When i got there, there was about 50 other passengers waiting to board a train to Hoboken that said was due to arrive at about 12:14 AM. Suffice it to say it never did! A fellow passenger said he asked someone in the station about it and they said it boarded and left. Clearly it did not, and that was a lie! I was on the platform from about 11:50 pm until 12:30 AM and the train never showed leaving passengers stranded. Shame on you NJ Transit. This is no way to treat customers who live in this area knowing they have the freedom to travel to events via public transportation AND might i add use this mode as a way to NOT drink and drive! In any case i had to travel outside the station, alone, and try to get an uber, which is almost impossible given the difficult location.'re cabs try to charge $30 for a ride that Uber did for $18. I understand this has nothing to do with NJ Transit but maybe it does since it seems like there is only one cab service at the stand. Is it a wonder people choose Uber these days! Can't imagine what would happen if Uber didnt exist and i didnt have cash on hand for a taxi! Service like this is disgusting and unreliable! Treat your passengers with more respect and get your act together!!!

May 15, 2017

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