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When I was getting on the bus tonight, I was accosted by the yelling and cursing of an older african lady towards an older white lady who were both sitting in the first seat! I could not believe! The nasty comment's and vile words coming out of this african lady's mouth, and still am! Disturbed, at the fact that the bus driver, was allowing this confrontation to take place! Now, i'm not saying that the bus driver is racist, however she was african american and appeared to be enjoying listening to this african lady cursing out and berating this older white lady! Not only that! But how are you going to subject all the other passengers to this disgusting, disrespectful event taking place on the bus!! I am truly disturbed by this!!! So disturbed, that i'm taking the time to write this complaint!!! I pray that nj transit takes this complaint, and all others seriously, because not to do so would be completely irresponsible and unfair to all us passengers that ride these busses daily

Oct 10, 2017
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  • Ju
      Oct 12, 2017

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