NJ Transit / bus driver on 92 bus

Newark, NJ, United States

I boarded the 92 bus going to South Orange, in front of the Clara Maass hospital where I work, bus number 5945 at 3:10pm. I showed the driver my bus card which was for November and explained to him that I had lost October and was told I could use it on the bus.
However, the driver immediately went on the defense and told me that whoever said I could use it they should come and drive the bus either I had to pay or "GET OFF". I said no problem I would pay soon as I find money in my bag he then he pulled over and said what are you going to do.
I said I told you I was going to pay if you wait a minute, he then proceeded to tell me
I was on welfare and why was I not going to pay, I repeated again I will pay you let me get the money from my bag, then again with the you're on welfare why can't you pay now or get off you got the wrong driver today. I said absolutely not I will get off and you are not going to insult me and I work every day just like you and I will call and make a complaint his reply was would you like my full name. I said no because I have the bus number and the time was all I needed.
This driver should not make that type of comment (you're on welfare) because of the route he has been assigned. I realize it is a stressful job however you cannot insult riders because you have a bad assignment. This driver should not be driving the NJ Transit bus if this is his attitude, without ridership he would have no job.
I am also forwarding this complaint to the Newark Star Ledger because of this drivers prejudice and obvious discrimination, because I have witnesses my coworkers.

Oct 26, 2018

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