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I take the 192x to and from work with a monthly pass. There are not enough buses. The lines get close to and on occasion exceed 1000 people. The buses you have are not maintained. The air filters seem like they are never cleaned because you can see the return filter and they are always very dirty 24/7. The windows are always dirty. The overhead equipment is, by my estimate 30-50 broken all at the time. The bulkhead rattle, sqeak and on many buses, falling apart. I've been to most of the larger cities in the world and the NY bus and train systems, for lack of a better word., suck. You decision makers should be ashamed. I am pretty certain this complaint, like many others, will be ignored. The is because you don't have any pride. If there were something more effective I could do I would do it.

Oct 17, 2017

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