Nj Transit Bus 113xbus does not allow passenger to board

At 7:45 AM on December 30, 2014, bus 113X going to New York City stopped at stop number 28905 at North Avenue and Center Street, Garwood, but refused to open its door and allow me to board. I was the only person at the stop. I had been standing directly under the "Board Here" sign for 3 to 5 minutes. I hailed the bus, putting my hand up. The bus stopped two or three yards past the "Board Here" sign, behind me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Garwood, NJ I was a bit sleepy at that hour and a little surprised that it had gone past me, so I took at most one second before turning around to walk to the door, but literally only one second or at most two seconds after the bus had stopped, as I began to turn around to walk the two or three yards to the bus door, the bus drove off without ever opening its door. Based on its stopping when I hailed it, and then driving off within two seconds without opening its door, it seemed like a deliberate refusal to allow me to board. I was dressed appropriately as a typical commuter, wearing a coat, a necktie, shirt, slacks, and shoes. Unfortunately I did not get the bus number of the 7:45 AM bus. There had been no other bus 3 to 5 minutes before this one, and the next bus arrived at 7:51 AM. I boarded the 7:51 AM bus which was number 5591 (unusually, a local or airport-type bus, not a commuter bus). The bus driver on bus 5591 was polite and an excellent driver.

Dec 30, 2014

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