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I signed up and paid for a subscription, and did a search. I turned up two results. I put them in my treasure box. When I clicked on both of them, the links turned up totally unrelated clippings. I spoke on live chat to Leticia, and she said that she said she would contact customer service. And I also emailed customer service 28th December at 1.36pm.

Sofia Valdez wrote back an email asking for the problem links on 31st December, three days later. And yet Leticia already had those details because she tried the link while we were chatting.

I had my computer packed, and it was 3am, but I got up to find the links. When I had my treasure box open, with the two links, I contacted live chat. It was Sofia Valdez, the very girl who had emailed me asking for the links. So the live chat consultant, and customer service, are the same person. So Leticia could have helped me originally.

Just now when I asked Sofia these questions, she terminated the live chat because she didn't want to be questioned about the quality of customer service. I was not abusive and there was no reason to hang up. I simply wanted answers about why the original customer service girl did not give the second customer service girl the links.

I find this totally unacceptable. I paid my subscription in good faith, and have not been helped when the only two links I signed up for do not work. Not only that, but I had the equivalent of Sofia hanging up on me. Very poor customer service indeed.

There is no email address for complaints on their website. This seems to be the only way I can complain to anyone! All I want is what I paid for.

Dec 30, 2017

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