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So I bought a and my husband put 400.00 dallors on it so we could pay are bills and I went om line to register it and I could only get so far so I called customer support for help the man I talked to put in the information and so I thought that I was all good well when I went to pay my car payment it wouldn't go through now I have never had any problems with Netspend before I went to try and login on line so I could pay my bill and I couldn't get into my account at all so I called again this time a lady helped me and she give me a new password and of course I still couldn't get into the account she said that she would send me a new password in my email I never got an email from them and I decided to go to bed mind you I used it at family dallor so it was still working than the next day I figured that i would just take the money out and pay cash at the atm it wouldn't work and so I thought maybe it was the atm and than it happened again when I went out to dinner and tried to use by now I'm just mad so I call again so now my account is lock and not only that they charge for phone calls and I have to send prooff that I am who I say I am and so the guy saidbsome would call me that never happened so I called and now I'm pretty mad and the guy barley let me talk witch posses me off even more so I asked for a manager and I waited on the phone for a long time finally get someone to answer and he hangs up on me so I call back i finally get someone who knows what she is talking about and she told me that my email was not spelled right and I spelled it for the guy even so now it's been 3 days and I still cant get any money I can't believe that I have had to go through so much crap just to get money and I won't be able to even get any money till tomorrow wow this has been the worst and all they can say is sorry that doesn't pay my bills on tine and it won't cover the late feed or the time that I spent on the phone trying to get help this is unacceptable I'm the one paying in the end.


Mar 20, 2016

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