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Ive been waiting for over a month for a check from you guys. I was told by 3 seperate assiociates of yours . That it was mailed on the 8th of January. Two of them told me it was being mailed UPS. Then the third told me it was being sent USPS. I can understand it was a mistake. UPS/USPS. What I cant understand is I called a week later and the assiociate told me the check wasnt even mailed yet. Thats unexceptable.

Now everytime I call Everyone appologizes like the robots you have trained. I understand you have policies and you need to follow protocol. If you didnt, it would be total chaos. Ive been in hospitality my whole life. From small family Motels. To Starwood and Marriott. Ive been doing this a while.

You need to take a look at adapting to situations. I've Been lied to by your employees. You closed out my account without knowledge. Everytime I call no one does anything but say sorry. And over promise and undeliver. I shouldve been able to get a provisional credit. You need to call an audible every once in awhile.

Also my personal life is mine. But, Just before I was notified i was going to recieve this money. I lost my job, so this being done professional and promptly wouldve been amazing. But since this has take so long. My car got repossesed and i just got a 3 day notice for eviction. And i have eaten anytghing sold in a month.

So my daughter and I thank you.

Feb 11, 2019

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