Netspend Corporationdoesnt protect customers

First of all my phone was stolen along with my wallet. The homeless girl more than likely opened it since I do not put.a lock on my screen and she was able to get all.the information that she needed. Of course all.the transactions are going to be in the same vicinity. She's homeless and car less and going to spend it right where she is. Do you think she's going to be able to get a way to go.anywhere else or take a road trip on a flying carpet to spend my hard earned money? You people are smarter than this!!! She didn't have to change my pin!! And there was more than enough cash in my account for her to use before I reported it stolen !! So she's not going to put it in the negative in such a short amount of time. In fact I looked and all the transactions are in the 2 mile radius of.the laundromat where I was and 3 miles from where I live!! So it makes sense a vagrant is going to spend right where she is with no transportation. What choice would she have? You just don't want to return any of my money to me and you get enough with all your fees you charge me and the rest of the world. You should see that all these factors DO NOT ADD UP TO ME DOING WHAT YOU CLAIM. IN FACT LOOK AT MY STATEMENT YOU WILL SEE I HAD TO GO TO METRO PCS AND BUY ANOTHER PHONE IMMEDIATELY WITH MY NEW CARD!!! THERE IS NO INDICATION HERE WHATSOEVER THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HERE AND DO NOT FEEL LIKE GIVING ME A DIME OF MY STOLEN MONEY BACK THAT YOU SHOULD GET TO DECIDE SOMEONES FATE AND KEEP THEIR MONEY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT!!! I DID NOTHING WRONG TO.DESERVE THIS. I'M A SINGLE PARENT WHO WORKS 2 JOBS AND GOES TO GRAD SCHOOL AND WORKS HARD FOR EVERY DIME I HAVE IN TOP.OF DEALING WITH CANCER.
please once again reconsider returning my money. Nothing you sent for reasons adds into not giving back what was stolen. I will continue everyday and call and will not give up. It's just not fair. Who are you to decide this without even being in the same state much less city to be able to see for yourself proof of what happened? I'm begging you to return my money please .

Nov 22, 2018

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