Netspend Corporationdispute unauthorized charges

Ref number #[protected] Claim#4686815 my name is Jakeisha Williams my NetSpend card was stolen, along with other important things such as phone ID, SS card, I called it in as soon as I realized the thetf and cancelled the card but there were transactions already made, Valero gas-5$ Stater Bros-289$ Todo convenient store- 501$ and a second time for 183$ dollars Those were unauthorized charges made on my account I have No money for Rent, Christmas and my 10month old baby or Food please resolve this as soon as possible I would appreciate it my account#7000 [protected] Rount#[protected] so I do my claim with in the 10 days of the investigation I called 3 days ago to check on the status because I already gotten a three day notice pay or quit I speak to a representative from NetSpend I explained my situation and I was told that my money should be on my account on the 10th which is today and I'm getting the run-around so please help me to resolve this matter I have been a NetSpend member for more than 10years this over looked that was my Social security check .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austin, TX..

Dec 10, 2018

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