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[Resolved] Netspend Corporation / netspend is so messed up!

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First of all let me start off by saying that I have never encountered a pleasurable conversation or even close to being acceptable for that matter. The customer service reps are fearless in how they treat you omg!!

There has only been one time that I ever spoke to someone who spoke fluent english and all the rest can barely speak a lick of it first n foremost. Call for yourselves just for ### n giggles just to see what I am talking about.

Oh wait, you cant speak to a human unless you are a card holder, I forgot. So this means if you are a potential customer with questions and these questions cannot be answered by the place where the card was purchased (Because these places always say "call netspend") and if your questions cannot be answered on their little questionnaire "q&a" then you most likely will call them but you will run into a problem because the robot asks for your "card number" and if you don't punch it in, you don't speak to anyone!! Thats right!!

Now, lets just say that your card has been stolen, u must know all 16 numbers to that particular card memorized or they will not speak to you regarding this!!! Omfg!! They insist that you give your 16 digit card number at the beginning of the call no matter what the call is concerning!!! Questions!! Comments!! Do not matter!!

If you are not a card member guess how netspend claims they need to "identify the caller" folks? You guessed wrong!!! They ask for your social security number folks!!! Yes, thats right!! Your ssn!!! And your not even a card holder!!! How do I know this? Because I had some associates that had some questions and I was unable to answer them so I called netspend for them on a 3-way and we went through hell trying to get their questions answered.

I didn't feel like getting up out the bed to get my purse downstairs to get my freaking card so I can punch those digits in just so their questions could be answered but everytime we punched the option to speak with a live operator, it demands on a card number so naturally I thought to myself "what if my card was stolen" how would I get a live person? We finally got a live person after I got my card and after about 25 mins of being on hold. Amazing.

Anyways, as my friends had tried to ask their questions the rep asked for their card number and when they said they weren't customers as of yet, the rep asked for their ssn and it would only be used as a "one time" identification purpose. We were flabbergasted!!!

By the time I spoke to a supervisor they hung up and I spoke to erwin-00743 ext-5515 (I am willing to bet this isn't his name or his real ext or employee id number) he was so rude and deflected any responsibility off netspend and totally defended these other reps by saying that he was sure that the reason they were asked for their ssn was so they could pull up "their account" even though I repeated told him that they were not members. He then kept saying "well if there isn't anything else maam, i'm going to have to end this call".

Erwin had an excuse and explanation for everything and borderlined called me a liar in the beginning by saying he doubted this and that about not being able to get through without punching in the card number and then also sort of called me a liar by saying he doubted the [censored] about the ssn even though he managed to come up with what he thought would be a acceptable reason for the reps asking for their ssn.

This company is unethical. They are unprofessional & rude. And in my opinion alot of them are just plain old stupid. I mean dumb. Uneducated. Under achievers. Losers. Bums.

I am pulling everything off that little card and maying my exit. Goodbye netspend.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Feb 19, 2013


    We would like the opportunity to assist you with this pending hold, if it has not already been taken care of. Please send your information to and we will look into this.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Mar 12, 2013


    We have received your email and we are looking into this now.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Mar 13, 2013


    We are looking into this for you and will get back with you.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Jan 25, 2014

    We apologize for the problems you have experienced with our service and your transaction with Direct TV.

    We would like the opportunity to assist you with this and we request that you send your information to We will get back with you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Feb 27, 2015

    We regret to hear that you have been unable to use your card. There could be a few different reasons why this is happening. Please contact us at and we will make sure this is addressed.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Mar 08, 2016

    Dear TaxPayer, We regret the problems you have experienced. Please email us your contact information to and we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible. Thanks, NetSpend

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  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
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    You are so right about Netspend's customer service reps being so stupid! They don't know anything and when you ask a question they answer your question wrong because they mis understand what you are asking. I have learned to not call them for anything accept for an emergency purpose and even still you can't talk to them without having your card. One time they suspended me for NO reason and I called to see what the h*ll was going on and was told that I need to send my license and social security card but couldnt tell me why.

    I called back and they told me that it had to do with an ACH that was placed by my mom and they would need her license and Social Security card faxed in not mine after all. Well I had to call in again just to make sure I was getting the right information as to who's id I fax in????? Finally I had to fax in her id and ss# several times before they received it and was told a different story every time I called as to when my card would be un-blocked.

    If you can get a regular bank account go for it!!! Do not use Netspend, it costs to much to open an account. You usually have to pay a high monthly fee and getting through to Customer Service is h*ll. Plus if you lose your card or it gets stollen you bet you wont get your money back from them, even though they say Visa/Mastercard is a hundred percent guarenteed against fraud. Wrong! I have lost my card and called in and they told me to A. Contact the merchants myself and file B. File a police report and etc and see if I can find out who done it.

    Any other bank account will credit your money back immediately and investigate it and you will be credited a 100% and not lose a dime from it. Netspend is a headache and way to much trouble to deal with! This company is for someone that absolutely cannot get a regular bank account because it is dangerous to put a lot of money in the card and plus they can suspend you for no legit reason and make you fax in your id, etc and if they don't receive it your out of dough and they don't protect against fraud!!! Even though they claim that they do.

    This is the lowest of all companies, there are other pre paid cards on the market that are better then this one. NETSPEND NEEDS BETTER SPEAKING ENGLISH REPS!!! Right now Netspend does NOT care about customers, all they care about is making money and hiring poor CR reps.

  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Netspend are crooks! Netspend is the worst!!!!

    I called them and told them to check out this site and read what was being said about them....lmao.

    One of the "head haunchos" I spoke to was a english speaking woman and stated that she would look into my account history, track who I spoke to and that they ALL would be reprehended!!! I find that hard to believe!!

    Drop her a line....Take ALL your complaints to her and maybe just maybe something will get done. I dont know with 100% certainty if she is the "clean up chick" or "head houncho" like I said above, but I know she isnt the President or CEO.

    Email her here below....


    Lets rally together!!! ha! j/p

  • Va
      9th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    Whoa, thats heavy! And I feel your pain to because that is how Netspend conducts their business. I could sit here and tell u about at least 7 different serious situations but I'm sure I would run out of space and there would eventually be a character cut off point with everything I would have to say! This is the reason I ended ALL dealings with Netspend & had absolutely no reason with telling them why. I told them via phone, letter via postal service and email. Naturally, they apologized and didn't want me to leave (how perfect is that) but I told them I couldn't stick with them, not by any stretch of the imagination!!! No way!Like I said in my previous postings, Netspend will be history in a few years. NO business equals NO BUSINESS!!!

    Im so glad places like this exists that way, people can read what others has to say before making their choices. I wish I knew about this place before hand, but now I use this as a reference tool before doing business with ANY companies now. Thanx

  • Aa
      17th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    I unfortunately received a gift card this Christmas from these rip off artists. In the process of thinking I was activating the card, I somehow ended up being signed up for a $9.95 feature by mistake. When I saw the fee on my account, I called to figure out what happened. They explained it, so I said that since I have never used the card yet and didn't want that feature, I asked for credit and reversal of that option. Of course given what other people are saying about them, you can guess that they would in no way credit me back.

    From what I have experienced so far, it looks like a company trying to make money on scams and not looking for much repeat business. Avoid doing business with them at all costs if you can.

  • Ja
      7th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Netspend sucks. I thought it was a prepaid card meaning if you didn't have the money no one would be able to take any out. Usually that was the case for about 3 years i have had this card. It got stolen once and they credited me half - you don't need the pin to by 70 dollar nyc metrocards or go grocery shopping. Anyway I joined New York Sports Club and low and behold when I was in jail for 3 months- they dipped my balance to -300 dollars. Never before did it ever go below now all of a sudden it has negative potential on the card. Net Spend sucks!

  • Di
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    I made a purchase in a store last week and since their phone lines were down, they had another location get authorization for the charge but somehow when the store I was in ran my card, it debited and the funds were immediately taken from my account, even though it was supposed to be done as a credit transaction. Well, here it is over a week later and my 117 dollars and change is still being held by Netspend!!!!

    When I contacted Netspend's poor excuse for customer service, I was told that the funds would be held for 30 days unless they received a fax from the merchant saying they would not be collecting the funds and then it would still take an additional 24-48 hrs before I saw my money.

    Netspend intentionally does not clearly state in it's policies what the specific terms are when holds are placed on funds. I'd bet that no one is aware that if there is a hold placed on an amount over $100, they will hold your money for 30 days before it is released back in to your account!!! Who has ever heard of such a thing!!! In most cases, the nerchant will have submitted their paperwork within 3 days, most do it sooner. After all, the merchant doesn't get paid if they don't submit the paperwork and Netspend knows this, they are just crooks. The fact that Capitol One is now associated with them, leads me to believe that they are just crooks too.

    You know that a company doesn't want to be bothered with it's customers when the only access you have to them is their "Customer Service" department in the Phillipines or whereever it is that you can barely understand what the people are saying and they are just stupid little robots making their 2.00 a day saying whatever the piece of paper in front of them says they should.

    I did a search on the web to try and find a phone number for their corporate office in Austin and they don't even have it listed with the company information!!! The closest I got was to some PR company who said they would take my info and have someone get back to me. Yeah, right. I'm not holding my breath for that one.

  • Ra
      14th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Today is 10/14/07. I cannot access my account on line, nor through the phone lines.. Nobody answers, just a recording that says the service is unavailable... What is going on here.. ATM's will not allow me access as well.. I am very upset as I am worried about my money! If anybody out there knows anything about this please let me know.

  • Ki
      30th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    NetSpend is apparently down again. It's 10/30/07. No website, no phones, and apparently, no authorizations either. Is this just due to NetSpend's incompetence, or their attractiveness to greedy hackers?

  • Kr
      27th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was given a gift card as a Christmas present. The night of Christmas, I decided to use it to fill up my gas tank since I was on E and had to return to work in the morning. I opened the card from it's packaging and first looked for a number to call to activate the card, and did not see one so I thought I was all set.

    The thing I didn't notice right off was that the printer of the card made a mistake and the card number was not fully printed. Even if I had to call and activate the card I wouldn't be able to!!!! So I hoped against hope that the card would work, and well it didn't. And still hasn't. I am a little on the poor side as my husband was laid off with the mortgage crisis and having this gift card would have really helped us out.

    After about 50 failed attempts of getting a hold of someone on the phone, I gave up and called the grocery store my Father purchased it from. They think there that they will be able to help us. The receipt says clearly no exchanges no refunds. The manager was very helpful though and seems to think they will be able to help us.

    I decided to try one more time, and low and behold I got ahold of some little guy 15,000 miles across the Pacific in India that I could barely hear or understand, only to tell me that without the card number, they couldn't help me! What?! Is it my fault your printing company screwed up? Or that the card may possibly be warped? I tried the bar code number to see if they would be able to access it that way, and that was just another failed attempt. The guy told me that if we still had the receipt we must take it up with the grocery store. If not, oh well tough luck, thanks for waisting your money with us!

    I'll check back to the site and update what the outcome is.

  • Be
      28th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Netspend Scam!

    Got as a Gift, Tried to actviate it;

    Asking me for SS#, Full name spelled out with middle inital, full date of birth, Address, Phone number!

    Would you be nervous, giving these vital information to a young compay that you havn't even heard of? (founded in 99 per wiki)

    I would rather waste that gift than jeaprodise my future.

    If they do happen to sell or loose your information to yet anther outside party,
    their answer will be "OOps, we are really sorry, won't happen again"

    so you decide!

  • Uc
      5th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Those non-english speaking ### at Netspend are some ###s yo. I finally went on ahead and filed a complaint with the Attorney General who by the way is overwhelmed with other complaints and greivances from other card holders. According to Bianca, she said that this involves 21 states & well over 1 million complaints total.......This suggests that Netspend will be history pretty soon.

    Let me say this though.....

    All Netspend will do is re-open another business with a different name & tax i.d. etc etc etc just like they did when they opened Netspend. Im certain that Netspend was another company before it became Netspend. Actually, it has probably been MANY different companys throughout the years & each time the heat catches up to them & they close down,file banruptcy & avoid paying fee's,fines,court costs & restitution to its customers, it simply re-opens under another name. This is standard business practice for most companys specially crooks like these ###s. They are seasoned ### rags & they know what they are doing. For the most part, they settle with their customers paying them off with chump change such as $50.00 checks because they know the customers just want to rid of it all and be done and Netspend will drag ### on for years.......Sad part is alot of customers dont know their right and dont understand criminal law and civil law. Fact is, it is VERY possible to not only retreive the money u was actually out of after using Netspend, but U can sue to damages such as a utility being shut off due to their incompetance etc etc etc etc. Yes, U can get paid for "pain and suffering". I mean thats what it is. If I do everything that I am supposed to do and the company withwhom I do business with, the very company who makes money off of me doesnt hold up to their end of the bargain whether it was intentional or not, a Magistrate isnt concerned with whether or not Netspend was deliberate or not, they are interested in how this seriously affected your life and if you heat gets shut off and its 4 below zero all because U was unable to make your bill payment due to Netspends lack of responsibilty then U to can sue. I didnt take Netspends ### lightly & as it stands now, I am seeking damages. Whether or not it ends up in my favor remains to be seen but I will tell ya one thing, I am not inconveinanced by this...they are. They want to shut me up. I told them I am contacting the newspaper and TV news (local of course) & that I am going to print some of these online complaints from people and place these print outs under peoples windsheild wipers at the local mall so people can be "warned". I told Netspend that & told them to check their next fiscal year to see how customers dropped out of sight & how many new clients they got and when its a huge decrease, I told Netspend to thank me!! They told me that they could sue me for "slander" but as I explained to the non-english speaking arrogant cocky ### slander has nothing to do with this. Slander is when things are said against ones charactor or business profile that IS NOT TRUE!! This stuff is any rate, I am not worried about Netspend & what they think they can to do moi. They aint gonna bust a grape. If there are any Netspend employee's reading this and feel the need to defend this company, go on ahead but I wouldnt waste my time typing here if I was you....I would be trying to find another job.


  • Hi
      9th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Everyone here will probably hate me for defending NetSpend, but to those of you (like me) who are stuck with NetSpend, if you learn how NetSpend works, and play the cards you are dealt, you will come to love NetSpend! I have been using NetSpend for over 3 years, and believe me, I've had my up's and down's with this company, and everything I share with you come's from personal experience with this company!

    I will try to help you by telling you what not to do with NetSpend, and how NetSpend is WAYYY better than a conventional Checking Account.

    First I will tell you this; DO NOT USE DIRECT DEPOSIT OR ACH WITH NETSPEND. Not saying that you WILL have problems, but you are more vulnerable to misappropriation, and error. The ACH Network is so vulnerable to fraud that NetSpend may freeze your account if they cannot recognize or verify where the funds are being transfered from (Your Job). ACH is responsible for most NetSpend account blocks. It's best to Cash your Check and Deposit funds at a NetSpend Reload Center.

    It's OK to prepay your Hotel reservation online through Hotwire, Priceline, etc. But it is NOT OK to give your Credit Card at Check-in for incidentals (always give a CASH DEPOSIT). If you give your NetSpend DEBIT CARD to a Hotel, a authorization or HOLD will be placed on Available funds in your account (usually for $50 or less). A "AUTHORIZATION " WILL AUTOMATICALLY GIVE THE HOTEL "NEGATIVE ABILITY" ON YOUR NETSPEND CARD. AND THE HOTEL CAN COLLECT AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY SAY YOU OWE, EVEN IF YOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT FUNDS. For example; about 1 year ago I prepaid a reservation for 1 night at the Hyatt Hotel via Hotwire. When I checked in I made the mistake of giving the Hyatt my Credit Card for incidentals. They placed a $50 authorization on my card. I only had a total of $70 on my card at the time. During my stay I smoked in a "non-smoking" room not knowing if I did I would be charged a $250 fee for smoking in the room. A day after my stay when I checked my balance I was negative $180!! I later found out by NetSpend that because the Hotel placed this "authorization" on my Card. The VISA Network will allow them as a Merchant to collect any amount owed regardless of the amount of the authorization. THIS APPLIES TO ANY TRANSACTION THAT REQUIRES A "AUTHORIZATION" ON YOUR CARD. INCLUDING RENTAL CAR COMPANIES, AND GYM MEMBERSHIPS.

    NetSpend (believe it or not) is 10x better than a conventional bank card attached to a Checking Account. Conventional banks thrive off "Bank Fee's", they love it when you overdraft. These Fee's vary from Bank to Bank but all of them have Fee's that NetSpend doesn't'. Another and most important is this; WITH NETSPEND, YOU CAN LOAD (OR DEPOSIT) MONEY ON YOUR CARD ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY! Usually, at a Check Cashing store like ACE Cash Express, The Check Cashing Store, Amscot, etc. I travel for a living and I have loaded my card in over 30 state's and 100 different cities this way. You will not find a commercial bank you can deposit CASH in so many locations (not even with Bank of America).

    Here are some more tips:

    -Always choose the Monthly $9.95 Fee Schedule.
    -Avoid calling Customer Service at all cost, get familiar with their easy-t0-use Website. (They are free for a reason, they cannot afford the best Customer Service staff.)
    -NetSpend does not offer the best fraud protection so keep your Card safe.
    -Netspend has recently changed how they release funds held from Authorizations. It used to be that the Merchant had to fax proof that they would not collect the funds. Now the funds are released automatically, and very fast.
    -PLACES TO AVOID USING ANY DEBIT CARD: Taxi's, Small or lower scale dine-in restaurants, Hotels, Rental Car companies, Gym's, untrusted Websites, and be careful who you give your account number to over the phone.
    -NetSpend is not as small as you think, they were just offered 700 million dollars from Capital One, THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

    If anyone has questions about NetSpend feel free to email me; .

  • Co
      27th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Hilary Ybarra Sir i should be able to use this card anyway I choose and not be penalize for its use yes we all understand the high volume of fraud and cyber crimes but they see a constant deposit from same person or employer why would that be reason to lock someones account then we turn around and send you all required documents they requested and to no avail its really unwise to minimize the value of your customers worth I have incurred major heartbreak with the dealings of netsteal FEB 21 I check my account as i do every other wed to plan out my dealings around my home or with things i have to do mind you with 3 daughters I've come to learn my mother is pretty sick so at the spur of the moment i have to get prepared to travel out of town we dont know how long she have i called them (netsteal) due to the block i tell them listen funds are deposited from the same employer (NYU Hospital) every WED but my actual pay day is FRI this is I applied for it anyway but anyway they say its fraudulent activity I send them all required documents they ask for state id, s.s. card, tax forms, other bank statements and they turn around and say my account has been closed and I'm not entitled to no future services well excuse me thank you very much .they can return my funds because I can verify who I am and the funds will be sent back to the depositor well.I have move on with my lawsuit and filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB its a shame to feel like the working class dont stand a chane that old adage of corporate America do more with less huh.

  • Do
      31st of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Hilary Ybarra there are better cards. I have had a green dot card for 11 years with not the first problem of any kind. I put 13, 000 dollars a year on it and make enough transactions that's it free. no missing money or additional fees. customer service is A1

  • Da
      5th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    LOL so one of you complains that while IN JAIL you got ripped off? lol probably one of your ### friends, and as far as them needing the cc to identify or a ssn I take it none of you have an actual credit card? Not a debit card not a bank card but a credit card because I've got news for you, to get anything more than general info ANY cc company will ask for your account number four or three digit CIV/CID AND an account security question such as your passcode or mothers date of birth etc. and as far as them being outsourced to Indians or Mexicans etc GET ###ING USED TO IT ! it's the way things are done my friends. And as far as chargebacks and authorizations being held for a long time, newsflash that is once again any card. Your going to need to have the merchant call netspend and confirm the chargeback or authorization as a noncharge etc, and then it takes time card companies cannot magically lift authorizations, My guess from reading this thread and browsing about your high school drop out spelling errors, is that none of you have credit for an actual card fee or no fee and most likely cannot have an actual bank account with a check card. Stick with cash you are a headache for the rest of the functional world.

  • Br
      5th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Netspend has THE worst customer service I have ever encountered - they have not only lost a customer, they gained an enemy. I will be spreading the news of their ### service far and wide.

  • Xy
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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  • Ne
      16th of Apr, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Let me start by letting you know that I work for Netspend Customer Service and personally am a Consumer Advocate. I am also a proud citizen of the United States and work out of Netspend's Corporate offices. I have read every post on this website in regards to Netspend Customer Service and decided to post to our customers current and past.

    I did not decide to post here as a rebuttal to any claims made by any users of this site. As a professional I understand that every situation is different and I could not begin to assess and correct any of the issues discussed here. I will NOT contact you from my personal email in regards to Netspend business and will NOT conduct Netspend business on this forum.

    I can however guarantee that if you decide to contact me in regards to your personal claim, I will be sure the appropriate action is taken. I decided to post my comment for one reason, to reach out to our customers good or bad.

    One correction I can make, there was a post showing an email address for as it was stated a "Head Hauncho". That person is no longer in our Customer Service department. Although I am sure they would contact the appropriate personnel if you did send them an email, they are not within the Customer Service department any longer.

    To give you some perspective of who I am and what I do, here are a few emails I have received from people just like you as well as from co-workers.

    You decide if you want to contact me, email address is at the bottom of this post.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:06 PM

    I spoke with you yesterday in regards to the EXCEPTIONAL service i received from one of your employees at Netspend/Captial One. I was put in a particularly precarious situation, i lost my ATM/DEBIT card in the ATM machine and called to have it replaced on Apr. 5th. My ATM/DEBIT card was shipped from you on Apr. 7th; and as of yesterday, Apr. 15th I had still not received it - I have my paycheck direct-deposited onto this card; For the past week and 1/2 i had no access to my $$$. I have 3 kids, twins who are 7 months and no $$. I was in desperate need, I originally spoke to ***** and he was kind and i started crying asking him to do anything he could to help me and finally after he exhausted all his options, i asked him for a supervisor; he referred me to **** and was told that my ATM/DEBIT card was shipped DHL and that the reason I hadn't received it was that it required a signature and I'm at work during the day - the original representative did not give me any of that information and left me at an extreme disadvantage. **** explored a different option to help me get immediate access to my $$. Without his help, I wouldn't have had money to buy my twins' formula and my son dinner - he was patient, kind, understanding, and efficient.

    I had to let you know that I appreciate his EXCEPTIONAL customer service - and that Netspend/Capital One is blessed to have such an extraordinary employee. I won't forget him and i hope that you recognize him for his customer service skills.

    I also want to thank you, ****, for assiting **** in his efforts to help me, it was greatly appreciated.

    I want to wish you both a blessed day!

    Monday, February 04, 2008 3:19 PM


    In listening to calls this afternoon, I wanted to call some attention to ****. He received a call from a customer that was having Compliance issues. The customer barely had to say a word. **** keyed in instantly to the issue she was likely having, asked her to confirm if that was the issue, and she said yes. From there he THOROUGHLY explained to this new customer, an 18 year old, what happens in this situation and the ‘whys’ and the ‘whats’ of getting it resolved. The call was the most professional and helpful call I have heard this year!

    You may want to utilize **** in side-by-side monitoring to help others that need to improve scripting on Compliance. A call like this would be excellent for the team to listen to during a team meeting!

    Friday, November 09, 2007 4:42 PM

    ****- I hope someone tells you how awesome you are!! i soo appreciate all of the help that you have provided me. I gave one of my co-workers, ****** your email address last week as she was experiencing the same inital problems i had. You are truely an asset to your company as I did recieve your voice mail and follow-up email. The level of customer service you provide is remarkable and i hope that whomever is your superior is aware of this.

    Thank you again!

    Friday, December 28, 2007 7:55 PM

    ***** ******* called in wanting to praise **** for his Phenomenal Customer service. Mrs. ****** stated **** calmed her down from an irate state by being professional, and completely following through even when her phone disconnected. Mrs. ****** stated **** fully explained the situation where she could understand it and resolved it within a matter or seconds. Mrs. ****** also stated **** made her feel good to be a customer; **** actually made her stay with the company due to his professionalism. Many thanks to **** from Mrs. ***** *******!!!

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:36 PM

    My son ***** and I have been trying to resolve a funds availability problem for over a week. ***** deposited a scholarship check into his account and the funds had a hold until his identify could be verified.
    We faxed these documents four times over the course of the last week.
    After numerous phone calls to your customer service area we were fortunate enough to speak with **** this evening. **** resolved our problem within minutes and was very focused on the issue that needed to be resolved. He identified the problem offered a solution and we were able to e-mail the needed information to him. Because of **** efforts, ***** has his funds available and will be able to meet his obligation for his college tuition and books.

    We would like to again thank **** for his efforts and recognize him for an excellent job. We appreciate his assistance today!!


  • Nc
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    These complaints carry a common thread, and these posts come from people who DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER. They are valid experiences by common people. Previous posts try to defend NetSpend. Give it up. You are not convincing anyone.

    I bought a NetSpend card yesterday. I am what you would call a Gift Card/Spending Card/ Pre-Loaded Card expert. I research them and use them all the time on behalf of my clients who are researching what they are going to sell/carry/accept in their stores and restaurants. By the time i was done just trying to activate the card on the website i was screaming at the computer. This process is a joke. and giving out my SSN? What the hell? Overlooking that fault, i activated it and went off to use it. First off, you can NOT use your temporary card on ANY website. May attempts at retail transactions (in brick-and-mortar locations) will fail with your temporary card as well. Just be ready for that. By the time i was done using it, just trying to get any of the money out of the card that i had put on it i had lost over 20 dollars in fees in a blink of an eye. 50 cents for any and every balance inquiry. $9.95 per $500 you want to load on card(s). 2.00 per transaction fee plus if you use it at an ATM the bank will tack on even more on top of the 2 bucks. Theres also a $1.00 per transaction fee for retail purchases. In the end, NetSpend will end up with a good percentage of your money.

    I do NOT recommend ANYONE gets involved with these jokers, it will only lead to frustration, stress, anger, and a loss of plenty of your money. Please spread the word about NetSpend, they are no one you want to do business with.

    N in Salt Lake City

  • Jo
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    I have just sent an email to the person who claims to be a Netspend Cust. Service Rep.

    One complaint I have is Cust. Serv. Reps who claim that possible solutions to a problem cannot be done, not by them, their supervisor, and in my case today the Company President himself. No one can fix the problem.

    The issue was the daily transfer limit. As my company President, I have Netspend cards for my contract labor employees. I transfer money to their accounts for payroll and expenses and since many work in non-metropolitan areas, they can use their cards to pay for things and get cash at ATM's. In theory, Netspend should be the solution for how I get money to my workers. In reality, there is always some catch or some bizarre policy Netspend has in place that runs counter to what you should be able to do.

    This issue is one of my workers completed a job in Waxahachie, Texas. His car broke down on the interstate right outside of town. I transferred $400 to him for gas and to have his car towed. Because I had transferred $550 to another worker, my daily transfer amount was $950. Even though I have been a customer since 2006, I was unaware of a $1000 daily limit.

    My worker with the broken vehicle, tried to check in his 4-person team into a motel for the night, but only had $40 of the $90 hotel bill. I tried to wire him another $300, but got "load limit" error.

    When I contacted customer service I went thru Eve, Tina, Jen, and Jasmin--all claiming no how, no way can the limit be suspended--not even 1 time. My call was escalated to Sr. Acct. Specialist "Steven", who removed the block and allowe me to transfer the $300 to my worker within 2 minutes.

    First all, the "load limit" is simply a policy of Netspend. It is not required by Federal, State or Local law.
    Second, why do companies insist on having "front line" customer services reps who will out and out "lie" and then if you can just get high enough in the company you can find someone who can easily resolve the problem?

    I have been contemplating converting all of my subcontractors and their employees to the Netspend system. This is potentially 100 new accounts for Netspend. But I can't even get their sales department to return my calls.

    The founders of Netspend were named Entreprenuers of the Year by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Because fo the terrible customer service of Netspend, I canceled my membership with the Chamber as a result.

    We'll see if the Netspend Cust. Service Rep returns my email. I'll keep you posted.

  • No
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I am getting a bank account..I only got a Netspend card to be able to order clothes online for my kids..tried to place an order tonight when I got home...was turned down, found out it was due to everything being support, and website. I cannot believe this..give em your money and then have no access to it until they get their act together. I also like the fact that now a store I ordered from before can see the payment was turned down, not that they know me in person but a little embarrassing...

  • Br
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    To those who work for Netspend, you are not a customer so you would not know how it feels to have 300 dollars of YOUR money just sitting there because you have to wait for them to receive a fax stating that they have no use for the funds. I mean really, how good of customer service is that?
    And for some reason, at this moment, I cannot use my card. I cannot call nor get on the website and check my balance.
    Good company, eh?

    Im glad I got the pay as you go plan, as soon as I get access to my funds and the 300 dollars they are holding for the worlds dumbest reason(if the merchant cancelled the card then obviously they dont need the damn money) I am getting rid of this thing, cutting it, Id prefer a green dot. Id actually prefer a normal bank account.

    The only reason I got this thing was because my job requires direct deposit and offered me one of these stupid cards. Also was convenient because I needed to pay my phone bill online.
    I mean come on..."We need to verify that the merchant has no use for the money in your account sir"


    I guess Ill go open a bank account, yea there are fees but theres no smoke and mirrors.

    Its 2:48 a.m.

    I call to check my balance and I get "due to high call volume our customer service center is unavailable"

    I didnt know all the netspend customers called this time of night.

    If they are unavailable at certain times of the night then how convenient is that?

    What if your driving and need gas?

    Speaking of gas, I put 20 dollars in gas in someones car and it showed up as 50 on my statement. Its gone now, but damn, what if all you had was 60 bucks on your card and need 30 dollars for something.

    Couldnt get it, because of the 50 dollars they put as an authorization hold or some crap like that on your account.
    Alot good that does.

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