Netspend / acct locked?

Idkn, United States

Yes I got refunds because I did not get my items cause one went to California for some odd reason and I live in WV, others did not come, ontop of few items broke so policy is they refund your money back!cause of this my netspend card is locked!!??!!?..I have my grandson 1yr old w me, yes clothes r cheaper $5 and under so I ordered him outfits but I never got them! can a refund from.a popular place WISH make my acct closed?ontop of my government check that goes on card!mite get money earlier than the 1rst but IDC IM GOING into ssi 2m I kept every single bit of info since day 1every withdrawal, everything on my Tex messages and my check will not B going on netspend ontop of keeping my money?AGAIST the law and what does a refund mean??u get your $ back, sorry I ordered and I did not get my things..yes WISH refunded me my money back cause it's there policy and nice they do THat..they could steal fr my acct like netspend has did to so many ppl, but no I REFUNDED and yes tracking info is on my wish acct..tomorrow ssi will see all my statements, etc and see were alot of ppls ssi, taxes Ben took and a lady homeless w 2yr old do u locked her money cause she got a refund! So happy I finally have service and I will get my check on another card IDC get my $ on the 1rst..reason. Why u get ssi ppl is do to gettn money early, not worth it if it gets stollen bybyour netspend ppl and then u not Tex me anything about this but u did alotbif other ppl..then SUMHOW my address changed on ssi acct? Has my card number and address idkn were the heck the place is even at?last mth my address was correct, 20 some yrs at same place!..yes it's BS I got refunded IDC if it was almost my hole order, was not my fault, if u do not receive they give money's the LAW..LAW is not to lock ppls cards, take ppls refunds, and taxes, ssi etc, that is illegal big-time & wrong uncle best friend is best lawyer and banking etc lawyer I will go to him 2m, this will B on the news, newspaper cause if it does not more ppl will get there money stollen, netspend needs to be shut down and I will make it on the today show!ppl will get there LOOT back u STOLD!!rufunds r legal and if a place is responsible for wrong shipping then they refund, tracking numbers, if BROKE they refund, it's there law and it's legal!what u r doing locking stealing fr not just me is wrong!... I WILL HAVE THIS ON THE NEWS AND I WANT TO NO WHY REFUNDS R SO WRONG WHEN U GOT THE INFO ON MY ACCT AND IT TELLS U THE PERDONS NANE, NUMB ETC ..DO JOB, CALL AND STOP TAKING MONEY CAUSE THAT IS NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL ..SUM1 TRYN PUT A CARD INTO ATM A MILLION TIMES DO THEY STOLD IT TRYN FIGURE NUMB OUT WOULD BE SUSPICIOUS!.. NOT REFUNDS.. IF U ORDERED STUFF DID NOT GET IT HOW WOULD U LIKE YOUR MONEY NOT RE-FUNDED?? HOW WOULD U FEEL IF IT SAYS HAND DELIVED N CALIFORNIA AND U DKN A SOUL THERE DO THE PLACE U ORDERED FROM SENT YOUR ITEM TO WRONG STATE AND person HAS YOUR ITEM U PD FOR!U BE MAD, UPSET BUT HAPPY U GOT REFUNDED RIGHT?? YES IM MAD IM SO HAPPY MY CARD DOES NOT HAVE MUCH LOOT ON IT, TO ME MONEYNIS MONEY I WONDERED WHY IT WOULD NOT WRK AND ME W OUT PADS 2DAY..HAD GO BUM MONEY TO BUY SOME..HAS MY MONEY IN BLUE AS FINE MY REFUNDS AND NOTHING ELSE..SATS ACCT IS FINE UNTIK I WENT UNDER MY PROFILE PUT CARD NUMB IN SAYS LOCKED CALL??.WHAT A SHOCK AND I BRAGGED SO MUCH BOUT NETSPEND I GOT 10+ PPL TO ORDER CARDS I B LETTN THEM NO N FEW MINS DO NOT DO THEY BUY ALOT OFF EBAY ETC, , I NO OF 5-6 OF THOSE PPL THAT GOT RUFUNDS ALSO DO SHIPPED TO WRONG PLACE, since BU EARLY 5-7 DAYS EARLY W SSI CHECK THEY WANTED NETSPEND, .. NO AND IM 39 I HATE TEXING AND THIS IS WRONG! NEWS IM GOING TO CAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS TO NO THIS SO NETSPEND CAN GIVE PPL MONEY BACK AND NOMORE OF THIS AGAIN..TY FOR MESSING MY CARD UP TSKING MONEY PPLS TAXES ssi ETC..SO WRONG WERE IM HAVING A PANIC ATTACK, CAN NOT SLEEP, GOT GET UP AT 6AM DO GRANDSON, I WORRY SO SEVERE AND YES I MEAN SEVERE WERE going IN PUBLIC I WILL NOT DO BECAUSE I DO NOT TRUST PPL ETC I GOT PROBLEMS BAD W THAT AND MY CHECK I GET IS BECAUSE IM THAT AWFULL AROUND PPL I PANIC AND YES PASS OUT & I, CAN'T TALK TO PPL SINCE I BEEN 15…IM 39 NOW SO ADD THAT UP W MY PROBLEM< TO NOW GOING TO SSI 2M W GRANDSON TO GET THIS TOOK care of AND STOP CHECK I GET 25 TH THAT U WILL KEEP DO TO MY REFUNDS?

May 9, 2017

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