NetFloristgift not arrived/very late/ no replies to email and bad service

I have had terrible service and will not be buying online again at Net Florist. I ordered on the April 21, 2017 to be delivered on Tuesday the 25th of Apr 2017 for a birthday present for the 28th of April. On the 25th I got an email saying my order is out for delivery. I called the following day to find out why I have not received the order yet. It said online that it could not be delivered so I called Net Florist. I got told that the delivery had arrived at my house and apparently told by the house owner that the recipient of the package does not live there ( It is a house and everyone ( 4 people) who resides there knows who lives there). There was no call to say we got the wrong address, no call to tell me my package has not arrived and no call to rearrange another time. Busi the lady who answered said she could arrange the delivery for that day as it was urgent. She never got back to me and I still have not received anything. I have sent many emails with no response and I even called on Friday which someone from your team again promised to call me back to no avail. Still nothing... "The estimated time could vary based on giraffes climbing out of potholes and taxis being.. well, taxis." Seems that my street must be filled with many obstacles for my package to not even arrive 12 days later after an order. I mean Net Florist is meant to be a gifting site - at least make sure the order arrives in time especially when a person orders in advance plus you promise same day delivery. Disappointed to say the least

May 02, 2017

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