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First of all, it's a disgrace and cowardly that Netflix doesn't provide a discussion board for it's customers. Clear disrespect of subscribers who are welcome to pay the fee, but not welcome to have any opinion about the product that they are paying for...

* The specific feedback I have is that very often, then app on iPhone "looses" the videoplayer, especially when chrome casting...

I can still always enter the app, scroll etc., but I cannot come back to the actual player, currently streaming/ chrome casting the content. Imagine how infuriating this is. I have to shut down and reset the app, entirely, which then also usually leaves my chrome cast confused and difficult to re-connect to.

And this is not a "bug": This has happened ever since I got the subscription 3-4 years ago. The problem, which stems from a fundamental design flaw, could easily be resolved with a "go to current streaming content" link or similar. But no, that's just too much investment.

Oct 23, 2018

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