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I was surprised that you killed off Haters Back Off, and kept the rights to the characters, hindering its creators from making more content on their own. Your selections have been horrible, and all genres lacking. Plus when you have a movie like Thor Ragnarok show up In Comedy, Action, and Sci-Fi it's just silly. I go to comedy and it's [censored] Adam Sandler movies or Stand Up specials, but here's the kicker, you also have a genre titled: STAND UP COMEDY!!! It's redundant. On top of that, your search engine has it to where you're only able to look at about 40 titles because the same movie is cross referenced into Different genres. I suppose SAVI G private Ryan can be considered a comedy because of the one scene where Matt Damon's character tells a joke about walking in on his brother banging the neighbor girl in the hay loft. But what angers me the most is that you kill off Daredevil. Why? That was about the only thing I had left to look forward to. Is you're CEO trying to sink this ship? Are they getting a kickback from Hulu or other streaming companies if they make Netflix [censored] the bed? Cuz that's what is happening right now, [censored] all in the bed, corn and all. It's not worth spending money on.

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