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M Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

More and more just recently my viewing is interrupted by Netflix having problems -and it will stop in the middle of watching a film or scene in a series. Then it takes a while for Netflix to get up and running again. I appreciate that this can happen from time to time but it is getting a more regular occurrence. Whilst I may not be paying top whack for this service I am still paying for it and am getting a little fed up with having my viewing interrupted like this on a regular basis. More and more I can't even access any of the titles displayed and have to turn Netflix off and leave a while before being able to resume viewing of choosing another title


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      Dec 02, 2017

    I have been having constant issues with Netflix freezing up in the middle of the show and I have to actually give up and logout. Now I have issues with it loading on my laptop and getting messages like " is taking too long to load". They are going to be increasing the fees next week and I don't even use it that much anymore because of the frustration. I first checked all the usual network or server problems but is is not any of those. I think their reputation will go down if longtime clients start abandoning their services. I am considering cutting off my membership and staying with Amazon Prime.

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