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Netflix has a system in place that identifies your movie return while it is in the postal system mail stream as well as the when you actually received your movies as well as when they actually put them into the mail to you. In the recent past besides letting you know they knew they were in rout to them they would process you next movie(s) and send them off to you. They did this all by email which you would receive. Now emails about what they have received come in a day or so later, and shipping/history will say they will send your next movie(s) when they become available, available, with a large queue and their stated operations they go to the next available movie(s) and send them, they now are even going blank after the system shows they have your return.

It appears that Netflix in my opinion is slowing down turn around time to give you less movie(s) even though there is no stated limit to how many you get a month except the limit to what you get per your plan(s) size of DVDs. We were getting from 2 to 3 groups of DVDs depending upon the day of the week they were sent, Mon, Wed, Fri, or Tue, Thur per week. Now it is 1 set per week after they do their delay and slow down.

How is this good customer service, as well as how many jobs have been lost due to their consolidation to less processing sites such as elimination of the Providence, RI and Portland, ME processing facilities. Now a very large area is going through Boston, MA. They have a very unique Postal bar code setup system, they should be getting better not worse by slowing down, Knowing the postal system they can't blow smoke on this issue towards the postal system.

Maybe besides spreading the word that their service is intentional maybe when you call do not answer the service quality question at the end or if you do, give them a thumbs down. They are now responding to questions like they are reading a prepared text like they do foe overseas customer service groups do.

Jan 23, 2017

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