Netflixlack of new films released online

I have been a customer with Netflix for many years. I am not seeing any improvement in releasing newer, major film company movies to view online. I no longer use their DVD/Blu-Ray rental option due to the new inexpensive technology of the "Red Box Company" Kiosks available in many cities and states. With "Red Box" you can rent new films released each Tuesday for under $2.00 per day and they have the latest film selections available when DVD/Blu-Ray are released. Netflix is releasing more and more low budget, low quality films, with low star ratings in their movie catalog for viewing movies online. Ie. Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Microsoft X-Box, PC/Mac, and/or devices you can use to view their entertainment online. I would like to see an improvement of releasing films that are newly released on DVD/Blu-Ray to be included for customers who just have the account in which we can only view via the web. There needs to be more major film company and distributors films released each week that are blockbusters or critically acclaimed as well. I am beginning to see more television shows being released than actual movies. I am not really into TV shows due to a Cable television subscription through Comcast. Even Comcast's 'On-Demand' option are releasing better films. I am becoming disappointed in the amount of new movies being released and the library is still poor. Not being able to search and browse for movies that should be available for viewing. 85% of the time I search their library of films rather old or new, I can't find many films that were released from the 1990's to 2015. There is time for major improvement in the selection and more variety of films that interest movie lovers in specific categories. Ie. Horror, Thriller, Drama, Science Fiction, Suspense, Action, etc. I am truly considering cancelling my subscription if Netflix doesn't improve their movies for online viewing only.

Jan 14, 2015

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