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YouTube is airing your BIG MOUTH trailer promoting your child porn animated series about to be released.

1. What is going through your collective brains to think this is even remotely funny?
2. Who would even want to put their reputation on the line by sponsoring this child porn?

1. There is no thought process that is normal. Your choice of funny is grossly misaligned.
2. Any company that would sponsor this garbage is asking to be boycotted, and we know that gets the attention of your sponsors.

Should Netflix decide that will in fact air this type of programming I will immediately pull my subscription, once that happens there will be no way to obtain as a customer again.
Let the boycotting begin, because money is the only thing corporations understand these days.

Sep 18, 2017
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  • Mr
      Sep 19, 2017

    Agreed. Thse people have no concern WHATSOEVER about the harm they are doing to society. All they care about is money. More people need to complain about this filth.

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  • Al
      Nov 01, 2017

    I agree with the complaint 100 percent! With everything that's going on in Hollywood why would you make a filthy cartoon about children going through puberty for adult entertainment. Legally children are considered a protected class. I wonder what their responses would be if the people at Netflix's were to ask young kids what they thought of grownups making a filthy sexually explicit cartoon about them going through puberty for adults to watch and laugh at. Since children are the subject of this cartoon shouldn't they get a voice? I know that my 19 and 21 year old think it's sick and my 15 year old thinks that this cartoon is an embarrassment!

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  • Ja
      Nov 02, 2017

    I see 2 really stupid posters who are too dumb to watch the show themselves then make a decision the show is not ment for [censor] kids to watch for one. You haven't watched it so you don't know or understand what you haven't seen.

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  • Al
      Nov 03, 2017

    @Jacob Richard You spelled meant wrong you stupid [censor]. If you are going to try to be insulting, at least learn how to spell! If you enjoy watching cartoons with little boys having SEX with a pillow knock yourself out! Maybe you will learn something!

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