NET10 / erased 6043 minutes

Niagara Falls, NY, United States

I had 6043 minutes accumulated on my NET10 phone. I signed up and paid for the automatic replenishment. They charged my credit card and gave me the additional minutes but did not extend my service days. I sent 4 online messages to 'Contact us" online. 3 days later my service was cancelled and my 6034 minutes were erased. It was a week-end and help line was closed until the following Monday. I bought 200 more minutes so I could use my phone- it was Easter Sunday. They gave my the minutes, charged my credit card and gave my 30 days service. I contacted them several times - at least 2 hours to get someone to answer the call. I was given 1084 minutes and told that was all she could do. I requested to talk to a supervisor and she told me I did not purchase the automatic replenishment and hung up on me. I called again and I was refunded my second payment and told the service center was open 24/7 and then was told the department that could give me back my lost minutes was closed for the day and they would call me back. I was sent an email to give them the codes and told them to call after 5pm and they sent another email stating they called before 5pm and did not get me on the phone. And they requested my codes again. I sent and they have not responded or given my 4950 minutes. I am still waiting. This has happened to me at least 3 times. They lie and then cheat. Minutes are worth $495. See pic of my 6043 minutes.


Apr 13, 2013

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