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[Resolved] net10 will not reactivate phone

Net10 is the worst pre-paid cellular service provider out there. Every instance I've dealt with their...

scam and cheating

Stay away from Net10 phones! Company boasts 5 cent text messages, however, they are actually charging 50...

stolen minutes

I decided to "upgrade" from my Kyocera cell phone to a new Net10 phone a Nokia. First of all, it took days to change my airtime and number. But they delayed and my previous airtime was not transferred. Then I found I had no bars in town while it had been 4 bars on the old phone, so I had to drive 5 miles away to get a signal. When I wanted to transfer back to the old phone, after a dozen unsuccessful attempts thru their internet page, I found that I had to pay to activate the old phone to be able to transfer, but once I purchased a card and activated the old phone, it would not let me make any calls or receive any, except for some damned "customer service". When I called them, they shuffled me around through at least 6 people and departments., in AllTel service. They finally kept telling me my number was under contract, a post pay plan even though I had activated it with a pre pay card. I was put on hold a couple times with crappy staticcy "music". I asked one representative if I were being charged for the time, they said no, but when I gave up, I found 28 minutes of airtime were gone from my phone and I still can only dial the *611 number. So I blew $32 on nothing, wasted my time and the time is running out on my new phone that won't work in town and I'm probably going to lose the 260 minutes I have left on it because I don't want to pay twice. I am so sorry I bough that new phone and transferred my number.

  • Pr
    probed_out Apr 04, 2010

    i feel your pain when i transfered from my lg to my new lg 290c they stole over 400 minutes from me and i called them to tell them about it they said i had 1100 minutes on it and i argued with them and said i had 1495 I'm looking right at my old phone then the lady said something and i couldn't understand her because I'm pretty sure she lived in India

    the customer service sucks don't buy a phone from them

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no contracts? really?

What I find interesting about Net10 is their advertising--claiming "no bills, no contracts, no evil", especially since you MUST purchase new minutes when the old ones are due to run out, or lose your phone number and remaining minutes. Now, no one I know wants to get a new phone number every single month. This is why I renew my minutes, even though many times I have so many left I don't know how I'll ever use them up (I'm a 55 yr old female and don't make that many calls but want a phone for emergencies and reaching family long distance). I would MUCH prefer to buy them at my own pace! So if you feel trapped into buying the minutes on a regular basis (monthly, or every 60 days, or whatever), in order to keep your old number...how does that differ from being trapped by a contract? The company makes money and we spend, spend, spend... even when we want to be careful.

  • Jc
    jcqtn Jun 16, 2010

    To "Vicki in Cleveland" (and whomever else it may concern):

    It is different from a contract firstly in that there is no ETF ("early termination fee") if you decide to stop using your phone for any reason. Contract carriers typically charge $175 (or more) *PER LINE* for breaking a cell phone contract -- partly because they offer more state-of-the-art equipment which they then offer to their customers for free or a substantially-reduced cost. I have never used contract service because of that, plus the potential for hefty overage fees (if you accidentally go over your minutes) and getting scammed by shady third-party "content" providers (like ringtone services). You don't have those problems (at least for the most part) with prepay services.

    Having said that, however, I can identify with your situation:

    >"even though many times I have so many left I don't know how I'll ever use them up (I'm a 55 yr old female and don't make that many calls but want a phone for emergencies ..."

    as I myself have been with NET10 since *September 2006* and currently have over *3000* rollover minutes accumulated!! Why? I don't get out much, and when I do I only make short calls (of like 2 to 3 minutes), just to see if someone needs anything from the store or whatever.

    We have unlimited long distance on our home landline phone, so I rarely use NET10 for that, often thinking "I can wait until I get home" (to make those calls). For example, one out-of-state relative I talk to on a regular basis has a very hard time hanging up within a reasonable time frame, and typically we'll spend a minimum of an hour and a half per phone call, on up to 3 or 4 hours. So calling her on NET10 (at 10¢/min. -- are you *kidding*??) would be quite cost-prohibitive! :) Instead I use Verizon Inpulse (free mobile-to-mobile) for those calls; which if I limit my usage mostly to in-network numbers on their Core plan, I can get the full three-months out of a $30 card (do the math) -- which for those types of calls is actually less expensive (in some cases, a LOT less expensive) than Net10.

    The thing about NET10 is, they're sort of in the "middle" when it comes to their calling plan setup. At 5 hours of talk time per two months (or whatever) of service, it's a bit more than one needs for "emergencies, " yet not enough for calling family or friends "just to chat, " or business-related calls (where heaven forbid you are placed *on hold* as often happen more than not!).

    Hence one tends to modify their phone usage habits to fit within this particular price-point structure. It always amazes me when people talk about analyzing your ~current~ "calling patterns" in order to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and sufficiency of any mobile phone service they may be considering. Personally I'd LOVE to be able to access the internet (email and Twitter, for example) while I am away from home, and to be able to take & exchange photos, listen to music, etc. on a mobile phone. But the cost of a smartphone is *waaaaay* out of my reach. The 25 MB of "data access" Verizon (now) mandates on their 3G "multimedia" (middle-tier) contract phones, at $10/month is an absolute joke! If I were going to pay a monthly fee for online access, it'd have to be unlimited (or a fair amount) to make it worth my while.

    But I digress. My point is that it's not just how one uses their phone, but how they WOULD (prefer to) use the phone, if cell phone service were more affordable. NET10 was my very first foray into the world of mobile phones, because (I *Will* give them this) -- their pricing structure was easy to understand for this (then) newbie. :) Back when cell phones cost 25 - 50¢ (or more!) per minute -- with dropped calls being rounded up to the next minute, overage fees, limited, spotty coverage and all that malarky -- I never even CONSIDERED joining the ranks of mobile phone users -- not even for emergencies. It was just too expensive! And no matter what the price-per-minute, as long as that "meter" is running, one feels restricted and confined whenever using it.

    A family crisis during August of 2006 finally forced me into getting one; and I've never regretted making the decision. My ancient Motorola V176 is now dying, with extremely reduced uptime per charge (battery's been replaced twice), outgoing calls failing and etc. While very basic in design and features, I've kind of grown accustomed to this phone especially since it is sturdily built and easy to open, etc. Knowing I can't complain (after almost 4 years of dependable service), I've ordered a Samsung T401G to replace it. I have had to call NET10 customer service a few times in the past; and like most posters on this board I've found their heavily-accented English difficult to understand, resulting in (some) unresolved issues (like trying to get ringtones, for example). From what I've read on these boards and elsewhere online, I am NOT looking forward to the experience of transferring my number to a new handset (with all 3, 330+ minutes (hopefully) intact!), and am wondering if there's anything I can do to substantiate the rollover mins. I presently have in case (likelihood?) that things do not go smoothly. :(

    But to address your indirect question re your own "emergency" phone service, Vicki, since the monthly cost and excess rollover minutes seem to be an issue for you (as they've been for me), perhaps NET10 may not be the best carrier for you. I'd like to suggest either Tracfone (at $20 for 60 min. for *3 months* = $7/mo.) for emergency-only calls; or Verizon prepaid on the "Plus" plan ($1.99/day used, with free nights after 9 p.m. and weekends). That way you could use it at least twice per month on weekends to call friends and family long-distance without any additional charges, with enough minutes left over for brief "emergency" calls while away from home. If you have a significant # of friends/family on the mobile Verizon network, the deal is even sweeter (you could opt for the Core plan at 99¢/day). The only other thing I can think of, if you have access to Cricket in your area ($30/mo. for unlimited talk & text), or Straight Talk ($30 and $45 monthly plans), both prepaid, if you need 1000 or more minutes per month. Everything else (prepaid) is at least $50+/mo. for unlimited access; and that's the cheaper companies. While it's more than NET10's $15 - $20/month, you get more minutes, including texting and even some limited web access. So it may be worthwhile to look into.

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air time card

My complaint is, I bought this net 10 phone a few months back, I thought I was getting a good deal, About two months ago the phone just died, it would, nt recharge or anything. so I called the company I talked to a customer rep and they sent me a replacment phone. She told me when the new phone came in send the old phone back and they would put my remaining minutes, on the new phone and I would be able to keep my old number. the new phone comes in I call net 10, they tell me I have to take the new number and it took almost 8 hrs to get my remaining time left on my phone witch was 521 mins. on 6/22/09 I bought another phone card and my daughter went in threw the phone to add the air time. this was 8 days ago. they are telling me there is no possible way this could have happened, but it did, I have been fighting with this for 8 days I have even faxed copys of my card and receipt, guess what they said they never got it.I, m 69 yrs old and they make it like I picked it up off the street. They have realy stressed me out over this. Thank you sincerly Judy Culbertson

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terrible customer service, phone does not stay active only a few days after purchasing airtime

I purchased phone, and worked fine for about a week, I purchased 300 minutes additional airtime used for a few days with 252 minutes remaining and phone does not work, and says it is not active, I made several calls to customer service who could not resolve the issue, They said to fax my reciept for the airtime card to a fax number and they would get back to me in a few days, The fax number does not answer, and guess what back on the phone with customer service who could not resolve the issue again, In the mean time I can not make or recieve calls and when I call my number from a land line phone it says the number is disconnected, and I can not retrieve my voice messages. LOUSY SERVICE...I would NOT recommend this service...

  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    only way NET10 will terminate your service with airtime and service days still on the phone is if you VIOLATE the terms of use which means using it OUTSIDE the USA or texting international numbers

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  • Ru
    rubystar2001 Nov 27, 2010

    Just shut off my phone last night for the same reason. Asked them for a refund. Lets see if I receive it since they said it was processed out to me while I wasted my time on the phone with them for 40 minutes. I had an issue before where I placed a new card on my account & had to call them then as well about an 9 hours after I added it to use my phone. They got it working then but this time said it would be up to 72 hours to get my phone running again for some error message that was placed on my account. I am so unhappy. I told them I was switching carriers. Less of a coverage map but my fiance has never had his phone shut off other than for running out of minutes on Virgin Mobile.

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misinformation on prices

All sources exclaim that, for a prepaid Net10 phone:
Calls, incoming/outgoing are $0.10 per minute.
International calls to certain areas are $0.15
Texts, incoming/outgoing are $0.05 per message

Actual prices, as far as I've found (I have not made international calls)
Calls, incoming and outgoing are both $1.00 per minute.
Texts, incoming and outgoing are both $0.50 per message.

This means that all of those 'credible' sources are lying, and I'm getting charged %1000 more than what I was told I would be getting charged.
Unless their idea of dollars on the phone are different than those we are accustomed to, in which case it should STILL be written out somewhere.

Don't lie about the service you provide.

  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    they arent lying u ### 1 dollar would mean 100 minutes dipshit 1.00 MINUTES not DOLLARS .50 MINUTES a text not 50 cents dont make these commentes when u dont even no wat ur talking about

    300 MINUTES (300.00) means 30 dollars which equals 10c a minute HAVE BRAINS

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  • Ro
    roror Jun 27, 2009

    i totally agree with you on the minute thing.300 minutes means 300 minutes.not 30 dollars.since when was a dollar a minute.they should say units if thats what it is.the ads say .10 per minute not unit...deceptive...

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  • Wi
    wilkee Aug 13, 2009

    Here is the breakdown in plain English.

    For 300 Minutes worth of service, it costs $30. This means that each minute = 10 cents. It also means that each text message (sent or received) costs 5 cents. Watch your airtime balance display after receiving a text message, it says .50 minutes deducted. This means that half of a minute, or 5 cents according to the math above, is deducted from your balance. All it takes is a little common sense to figure out the math.

    I'll admit, when someone mentioned this possible discrepency, I was outraged myself, but when I realized what actually was happening, its pretty simple. Think about it.

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  • Ro
    roror Aug 16, 2009

    to all of you net 10 workers,
    obviously that what you all are.since when was a minute a denominaton in money.why would i or any body for that matter pay $1.00 a minute when i can get virgin mobile for .20 a minute to talk and .15 to text.thats 5 minutes per $1.00 for those of you who can't do the math.matthew55904 your math is way off.10 cents a minute would get you 10 minutes per $1.00 not 100 minutes.who's the real ###.i have a new service.virgin mobile.where a minute is a minute and a dollar is a dollar.the bottom line is...net10 claims to charge .10 a minute.they then turn that said minute into a unit and that said unit than becomes a dollar.spin, spin, spin.the real ###s are those who fall for it.at virgin site i get to see how much is deducted in money amounts for each minute i use.3 minutes totals a 60 cent deduction from my account.net10 would deduct 0ne dollar for every minute i am on the phone and 50 cents for every text.seeings how i get more for my money .i'm not the ### matthew.you are!!!

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  • Ma
    Matthew55904 Aug 16, 2009

    60c for 3 MINUTES?! THATS 20c a minute Tracfone is 33c a UNIT and being a proud and happy user of NET10 for over a year now 3minutes on NET10 is 30c OR -3.00 MINUTES NET10 is all we have when we got them lat year in july we kept the landline until september once we liked them and new it was good service we canceled the landline we pay the same price for THREE NET10's as we did for the lanline itself SO we save about 600 bucks a YEAR Virgin mobile is not any cheaper its better off just having a contract plan same hidden fees my friend had virgin mobile and she ended up paying 120 on her plan tat was only 50 and there was no need for it nothing that added up to is stayed in her minutes unlimited text she DROPPED Virgin and went to US Cellular because she got more minutes for the same 50 bucks

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  • Ju
    Jules2010 Jan 10, 2010

    From what I can see Net 10 is a HUGE rip off!! Come on people..it is not .10cents a minute...its a $1 and its not .05cents a text..it is 50cents a text. WHO pays that???

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  • Pr
    pricetech Mar 27, 2011

    Virgin Mobile doesn't even service this area, so I can't say how they are. net10 on the other hand does, and their service is abysmal and their phones aren't what they profess them to be.
    I've talked to a lot of folks about net10 while sharing my experience and I've yet to speak to anyone who is happy with them.

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  • Ad
    adco888 Aug 23, 2011

    Net10 will charge $1 a minute for local calls I make all the time. I have called the same number and been charged 10 cents. Then a few minutes later call the same number and they display on the screen a $1 a minute rate for the same call! They have stolen about $50 from me using this scam since they started it a few months ago. I am now going to switch cell companies,

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  • Ad
    adco888 Aug 23, 2011

    Net10 would let you even see your bill without a hassle. You have to pay money to see a Notary Public. You must photograph the serial number of your cell phone and your Drivers License and mail it to some address in Florida. I have been overcharged many times. I NEVER used the browser, don't know how to use it, yet they bave charged me! Net 10 Pure Evil. Stay away from the worst cell company in history.

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net 10

After ordering a refurbished phone directly from the Net10 website, I waited a few days and received it in fair time. I eagerly opened the package to get started using my new affordable $60 phone. I entered all the silly serial numbers, registered online, and even filled out a survey - why not? The promotional offer I purchased, guaranteed 300 minutes, plus an additional 600 minutes, so I was willing to go for a refurb. The Motorola button fell off almost instantly, which did not bother me much at first, or not until my minutes failed to wax usable. I had read that it could take up to 24 hours, so I did not yet get excited. I noticed that the 600minute card was included, but nothing mentioning anything at all about 300minutes. I called customer-service (an oxymoron with Net10) on my old cell phone. After being dropped (disconnected) a couple times, I finally got through. I expressed my problem, and clearly stated that I wanted the 300 minutes activated before using my 600minute card, which she ignored and activated them both as a current and sum of 900 minutes, thus expediting my minute-expiration-date. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, which took another 15 minutes. By this time I had spent a fortune on my old cellphone and was now looking for some form of compensation for the bad service and inconvenience. Bad first impression. The supervisor was very patient with my anger - too patient; as this single call was already up to $4 - but said he would not compensate for either my frustration or their mismanagement. My minutes have still not activated, despite them claiming to have corrected the matter. The phone has not repaired itself either. Perhaps in the end they will honor their "money back guarantee", though at best, it will still have cost me time, cellphone-money, and shipping. I will proceed by contacting my credit-card co, the Better Business Bureau, and whatever I must do to strike back at this foul and disturbing company. "No Evil" they claim! Ha! I suppose the devil would claim the same too. Avoid this company. That is my most direct and honest advice. Though maybe the Spanish line is friendlier, and more efficient. ? . No habla Espanol myself.

  • Ag
    AggravatedGestalt Feb 24, 2009

    It is so

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  • Th
    Thomas_Arizona Mar 20, 2009

    NET10 is terrible- I lost my phone and called NET10 customer service for help to retain my old number. At first they said no. Then they had me go through a 2 week ordeal that can only be described as painful and finally disappointing. I had to buy another phone and then get another SIM card sent to me. The lack of professionalism and technical support that exists in what is considered to be a large wireless company is mind boggling. The rates and contract evil may not be there but if anything goes wrong - just throw it out and search for another wireless provider
    Thomas - Arizona

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  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    RULE OF THUMB: Never buy a reconditioned phone DUH common sense people

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scam and cheating

Bought a 60 minute air time card at a local Radio Shack last Sunday, 10/19/2008 as prepaid wireless service...

airtime cards

Bought aitime card and unable to use because told not scanned properly at the store(office Depot). Neither net10 or Office Depot will accept responsibility for returning my money. Also unable to even purchase airtime on the website. Facing a hurricane in Houston and very upset with mom who has a heart condition. I am very sure both companies received remuneration for this purchase and if it is that easy to steal I will be looking to sell products that don't deliver real soon.

  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    Not a possible thing the card is swiped like a normal Debit or Credit Card it is system error just try again

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bad sim card

My son's sim card went bad after only 4 weeks. When I call net 10 (The philippines) they send me a new sim card - only the one they sent was one that is already in use. After being sent to her supervisor (Who is in belize - apparently a very large office for it to span that far) they cannot guarantee the new one they are sending me will work either.
Now I have to wait for another card. Who knows...?

  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    SIM card DO NOT go bad your son was screwing around with the Security settings and locked the SIM card if the new SIM card dont work its a problem with the phone its not possible for NET10 to send a SIM CARD that is already used as if it was ued it would be in a phone and not sent to you.

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  • Pr
    pricetech Mar 27, 2011

    Net10's so called support people don't know much, and I'm phrasing that as politely as I can.
    I went around with them several times over two defective phones in a row and finally was able to move the time over to an older, featureless phone that at least did work so I can let my son and daughter in law use up the time.
    By the way, after much research I have discovered that the phone trac and its subsidiaries are selling as a "new" LG900G is actually a discontinued, and no longer supported GW300 which was made for the AU / NZ market. trac reprogrammed it and pretty much crippled both features and functionality. "support" won't tell you that.
    From what I can tell, a lot of trac's phones come to them through similar circumstances. This might be legal by some stretch, but it's definitely not ethical.

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lost minutes I paid for

I ordered 2 phones on-line, paid for them to be overnighted. We get the phones and there are no SIM cards. We...

bad service

False advertising / Outragious cost for ringtones, graphics, etc. due to difficulties. Details: Spent $65.00...

faulty service

It's one thing when my cell service starts charging my phone while I am trying to dial out to the UK before my boyfriend picks up. I mean I have to put up with approximately 5 minutes of net10 BS before the phone even starts rining him! Buy the time he picks up I have already used 15 units!

Right now I am in an emergency situation and I can't even get service! Try Later its says! Even to try and TEXT! TRY LATER! ### THIS ###!

Net10 You Owe me a new card!

The point of having a cell is if you're in an emergency situation you can ###ing calll someone!

owe by the way...that number is my net10 cell number! Good luck trying to use the ###ing thing!a8efb

beware of net10!

I bought a Net10 prepaid phone costing $79.87 and a $30, nonrefundable prepaid minutes card so that my family...

problems with adding airtime online!

I've had problems changing the "My Account" information for some time now. I had suggested that they add an option of being able to add 150 minutes only. They did for awhile, but now they don't have the options. Now, when you go to the site, it says you can add 50, 100 or 150 minutes to your cell phone monthly automatically! But when I log in to "My account" it doesn't show this lower amount of 50 or 100 minutes, just 150 minutes. Now, I tried to up date my subscriptions, but it tells me that I've timed out on the site and have to relog in. I called customer service and it tells me that I have to call back at certain times of the day and week to get a hold of them. This is terrible. When I want to add minutes, I need to add right then! Now wait until "Monday" to "get it done"! It seems that they would get 24/7 tech support to help out, but they don't.

I admit, that the service that they provide of giving one a dime a minute rate is great! But the customer service is terrible. When you do call, you get an operator, I think, outside the USA, not in America because their english is not very discernible to talk to them.

If you need a service that is cheap, get Net10, but don't expect any great customer service. It's part of the Tracfone company, need I say more...

  • Je
    Jennifer Holloran Apr 29, 2008

    I am verry disapointed that I can't download games to my phone. I have been giving a lot of thought to switching back to Boost mobile.It's more expensive, but may be worth it.

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  • He
    helen howell Jul 05, 2008

    i purchased a net 10 phone today i called and activated today, but still can not figure out what my phone number is and it shows no min.

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  • Se
    sean chin Nov 10, 2008

    net 10 phone activation is a nightmare. The website keeps saying that I have a serial number error and no other explanation about what I am doing wrong even though I am typing the information such as the serial number correctly. It finally says I need to call their customer service. Hello? if I had a phone activated I would! And when I borrow someone else's phone and call them they are not open at night. Net 10 phone claims they are not evil, but in my opinion they are not evil but ###ed.

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  • Le
    Leon G. Simpson III Dec 03, 2008

    I hate no nite time service airtime at night? whats up with this primitive stuff? What have i gotton myself into?

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spam text messages!

I keep getting spam Text Messages from ringaza.com. These messages come without a header that I understand and cost money for each one I read. I never signed up for service with them. Is this a new version of Spam? Spam that comes in emails don't cost money, these do.

I have already spoke with Net10 they said it would be fixed. Still waiting for a resolve.

dismal customer service

I spent over an hour talking to customer service on four occasions trying to get one of two phones I own reactivated. I talked to a person in Belize that was hard to understand, and was told a new sim card would come in the mail in 5 to 7 days. After two weeks, I called and another agent couldn't find any record of the transaction. I finally received a new sim card, and when I called to reactivate it, after many, many repeated numbers, I was told my credit card was refused. I called my bank and they said the credit card was OK. I called Net 10 customer service again and went through all the numbers again, and they again told me my card was refused. Since the problem was on their end, I ask them to solve the problem and call me back. I was handed off to other departments and was eventually told they wouldn't fix the problem or call me back. I'm changing service, loosing 175 minutes on my other phone, and having to buy two more phones. I've had trouble adding minutes in the past, and have never been able to get the web site to work correctly. The customer service is dismal, and has made the entire experience of dealing with them intolerable.

Damage Resulting:
Approximately $140 for new phones, and $17.50 in lost minutes..

  • Ej
    EJ123 Jan 22, 2010

    You are lucky. At least you talked to somebody. As I write, I have been on hold since 11:16am. It is now 1:16pm. 2 hours! I have the speakerphone on and
    I am not expecting phone calls. Amazing! What keeps me going it the compute voice reassuring me that the next representative will be with me shortly.

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  • Pr
    pricetech Mar 27, 2011

    Not at all an unusual experience. Mine too was abysmal, and since I've begun talking about it to folks I know, it seems they can't, or won't, provide acceptable service to anyone.
    I hate you lost your airtime. I did manage to get mine moved to an old featureless phone that at least works and hopefully they don't kill it before my son and daughter in law use it up.

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  • Ca
    Carlila Jul 11, 2012

    find that bad wait till they shut your phone off cause your brother complained to them aout him missing phone miunues cause they made him wait too long. The thing is you are disabled and they shut it off and you needed that cell phone to call for an ambulance yet they haad turned the cell phone off without telling you they were going to do that. When someone runs a high fever they have to go to the hospital. Well they did that to me and then 2 days later after I was feeling a little better I had to try and walk which I limped more then anything and kept falling to turn the cell back in and then cause they had no more phones at walmart that I could use they sold me a different one from another company and now they refuse to give me back my phone number. They stole another 1000.00 from me within 3 months time. Took all my money cards and deleted my time from them and left me no time for those just bought. I had bought 4 25 dollar cards. 8 20 dollar cards. 2 different cell phones and one I got to return. I do not have this kind of money to blow on cell phones. I am going to get the government on their ### for almost causing my death by turning it off and not letting me have back my cell phone number with me being disabled this is not good. The temp outside has been well over a hundred and I am not suppose to be outside cause my Asthma acts up.

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  • Ca
    Carlila Jul 11, 2012

    I am disabled and you all cost me my life for turning off my cell phone thank you so much for not allowing me to call 911 by shutting my cell phone off. My phone number was 417 343 1038 I am going to report this with the Government cause it does become abuse on me. you all refused to give me back my phone number I have had for 10 years and shut my cell off. after I had a high fever you all shut it off this is wrong to do with someone whom could not call for help. Thankyou so much for me not being able to call an ambulance. I fell 18 times too. You all did not care that I spent alot on your cell phones and then you all treated me like ###. You all never gave me back all my minutes each time.
    You gave me ten minutes only one time. Yet I had spent over 1000.00 within 3 to almost 4 months.

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poor service!

Not only do I AGREE with the other complaints about poor service and problems understanding the customer...

terrible customer & internet service

I am a Net10 customer, who has had no problems with their phone or service to date. However, now I am trying to order a reconditioned Motorola v171 phone ($39.99) from them for an other family member.

At first, I tried to enter the order on their web site, as that's the only place their reconditioned phones appear (not at a retailer). No matter what info I entered, or which credit card I used, Their system said the purchase was denied by the credit card company.

I called their toll-free number, and spoke with a rep. He was nice, but couldn't get it to go thru either. He suggested waiting 24 hours, and trying again.

After 24 hours I tried again with same results. I had in the meantime checked with the CC companies, and not one said any request from Net10 had even been received.

I called their toll-free number again, and this time a lady said she'd have to transfer me. A almost non-english speaking fellow said he'd process the order for me at $49.99. I told him the web site said $39.99. He curtly told me to go there then. I told him I couldn't get it to go through. He said that was the only way to buy a reconditioned phone from them. I asked to speak to his supervisor. I was put on hold for 20 minutes, so I hung up.

I have tried again today, on their web-site, with same results. I even tried ordering a new phone with same results.

I can not get their "contact us" email system to work either.

I can not find out where they are located even.

How does such a company exist???

Does anyone there care about sore customers???

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    Rebecca645 Jul 25, 2009

    I bought a flip phone bluetooth and had problems right away with the battery, they sent me a new one that still didn't fix the problem, so after two weeks of customer service(nightmare) The lady told me they would send me a new phone with new stuff and it would be blue tooth. got the phone nothing like the lady said it was and it was not even blue tooth. I called customer service and this time got a man he said nothing was in the file about me getting the phone the lady said I would be getting and that they only cover the phone and not the blue tooth and wanted me to send everything back. I tried to explain to him my phone was blue tooth but could not get him to realize that so now I'm out 60.oo dollars for a phone I can't use, and noone there seems to care.Will not deal with them again. I switch to virgin.

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  • Ro
    Robin Haviland Jun 17, 2011

    I have had my net 10 since 2006...Ihad my activation period built up until 2014...then they came out with these $25 pin cardsand you get 750...well as soon as I added the pin card it took all my earned time away, and now every time I add time...it messes up..the last 4 cards I've had to call, be put on hold..etc, etc...now I put on a card 2 days early, and also had to do it calling, and now my phone has to be reactivated...They better do something different, or they are going to lose a lot of customers...me included, already looking for a different phone...but 1st I have to reactivate this darn phone so I can use my minutes I bought early...WOW..WHAT A HEADACHE...

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    Robin Haviland Jun 17, 2011

    This is 2011 people...electronics are souring, phones are outstanding...there is no reason why Net 10 should be having the problems its having, and causing so many of its customers...I have had Net 12 for several years now...at 1st it was great, now its just a headache trying to add minutes, and that use to be a simple procedure...now...OMG...my money, my minutes and my time are valuable to me and I don't like the hassle net10 has become...

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  • Ki
    Kittyzmeow Oct 06, 2011

    Net10 used to be wonderful! I would recommend them to everybody! Now, after trying to add time to both of my childrens' phones, one week later, I have accumulated lost contractual days and 4 days, totaling over 10 hours with customer and tech support...still phone not working. In addition, they provided us with bogus phone numbers..numbers that belonged to a tracphone client. (That way they can say our phones were active) ..I would not want my enemy to have to go through the headache Net10 puts its customers through. I paid for 30 days of service over the phone. It is a legal binding contract they provide me with what I paid for. 7 days later, phones still not working. funny though, the ticker on service days keeps ticking down. they refuse to credit me the days..and after asking to speak to a manager, the girls (this happened two times) told me to have a nice day and "the service days in our system are correct." Essentially they are saying to our customers, "we are ripping you off, if you don't like it, sue us...we don't care." As if they are protected somehow. And perhaps they are. I have NEVER been treated so rudely when asking for my service days paid for.

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  • Jo
    jose martinezz Mar 26, 2013

    net10 the world's most terrible service and most the manaller name ricardo flore number 78007 who laughed at my person he told me to put my phone outside of the window for better resesion

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