Nedbank South Africacall centre and incompetent or poorly trained operators

Nedbank does it self no favours by not having an email service at the Call Centre that can be used internally to distribute client requests to relevant departments. .
I have spent 40 minutes interacting with 8 different operators at your Call Centre or Departments . At the beginning I was simply seeking a contact name, phone number or email address of a specialist or manager of the internet banking area. I had some ideas to share with a systems analyst or product designer. After 40 minutes of frustration and lack of assistance from the various persons, I laid a complaint at that dept operator. My wish to assist Nedbank had now become a major complaint.
The Call Centre is filled with incompetent or ill trained operators many of whom have difficulty speaking clearly in my language, and or unable to understand my voice or terminology. they may well be very competent and clear in another of our eleven official languages.
I only wish to be given an opportunity to send my ideas to a competent person who can communicate with me on the subjects. But there is no method of communicating with Nedbank via an email system, or even a voice recording service. At one point this afternoon I was so frustrated I intended to cancel my investments and accounts with Nedbank. However I am unlikely to do that if I receive some communication from a senior person at Nedbank.
Gerry Wood Hout Bay


Dec 07, 2018

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