Nedbank Home Insurance / stealing our money

Boksburg, ZA
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I logged my claim on the 28th of october 2016 with nedbank for hail damage that happened on the 26th of october 2016. They have sent out 2 assessors to my house. Today is the 18th of november 2016. 4 weeks later.In the meantime it is raining hard and the damages I have is causing more damages due to nedbank delayed responding to my calls. I called more than 6-8 times to follow up and still don’t have answers.

Today only I received feedback from nedbank regarding my claim. To confirm that my claim is rejected!!!


I’m sorry but this is unacceptable. I am not leaving it here, I will be taking it future with all possible complaints board, ombuds man for banking services everywhere and when all of this is sorted I will cancel with nedbank and ensure that every single person I know does not take insurance with nedbank.

When we purchased the house no assessor came out and checked the house and roof prior to us taking the insurance with nedbank. I feel that nedbank should have given us a report on defects and issues that we as first time buyers need to fix to ensure we are covered and our policy is correct.

Nowhere in any fine print did I sign for terms like this.

After paying 4 year premiums now nedbank decline our claim meaning I have paid 42 months for nothing. One of the roof that nedbank is revering to in the below communication as defective workmanship was a contractor recommended by nedbank consultant and they suggested to pay out the cash for the repairs as nedbank was too busy and due to loads of hail damage claims in 2013 nov now it’s my problem as a customer.

If this was defective workmanship why in the 3 years has that roof never leaked nor the other roof that got damaged now only with the hail weight on the roof in the 4 year that we are living in this house my roofs are leaking only now after this massive hail.

I have proof and photos of the amount of hail that came down on the 26th of october.

I will not accept any cash payout ever again the registered nedbank contractors will come and fix my roofs as we as customers was not at fault here.

Nov 18, 2016

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