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Nedbank / complaint insurance to be cancelled and was done and refunded insurance still debiting me

1 5th Floor Block G 135 Rivonia Road Sandown Sandton 2196 South Africa PO Box 1144 Johannesburg 2000 South Africa, South Africa
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I am very angry client, I keep on complaining that nedbank insurance should cancel my insurance, I complained on the 05th of april 2016 and they refunded it and gave me a lteer it was cancelled but I send this complaint to their compaint department and a lady call linda engelbrecht
Executive service support consultant| client experience | nedbank limited 5th floor block g 135 rivonia road sandown sandton 2196 south africa | po box 1144 johannesburg 2000 south africa
T +[protected] f +[protected] @ [protected] Za website: www.Nedbank.Co.Za. this womes she's been messing with me and giving me wrong feedback going back and forth respoonding to something that it is foreign to me, all I want is nedbank to correct the mess the put me through. I have been fighting with my bankwhy my loan debit order keep bouncing but I realised that I told nedbank that when I signed my loan my loan was seeded and my attorney has done it all with the home loan department, then I went to complain 05 of april and I was requested to resend all documents from my attorney I did just that, then they took a month to respond, the service was appalling but I send the complaint and the complaint department resolved it and refunded me and cancelled the insurance and appologise for the appalling service they rendered. 3 months later I notice my bond is dfebiting r15k, and I told them from my first complaint that I would not afford a bond of r15k they should remove the insurance, no they did not, they set me for failure, they deceived me. They told me it was resolve and the insurance was cancelled, I even have a letter of proof and even re-reimbursed me. I took so much trouble regarding this matter and I very very angry and disappointed the way they dealt with my query, I plan my debit orders and now I went to an interview and they told me I am listed, I could not get that job because of nedbank, I am working in polokwane far from my family my family they are in gauteng and now I lost the opportunity to be with my kids, nedbank must employ me serious…. I also demmand that they remove that listing (Itc) with immediate effect, they like destroying people's lives, they should remove it now and correct my account and it also affected other debit orders have started to bounced becasue of nedbank, I am very very angry serious, they have messed me up, they should remove me now! This month had to sacrifice and pay r20k because they have need calling me telling me they handed my account. I demand they even remove all the arrears had it not being their incompetency I would not had defaulted. I even made an example for them that I bought a car with them never defaulted and expensive car. I demand an apology as well. Linda engelbrecht tried by all means to dismiss me without assistance and has provided a very appalling service and I did not want to get here I wanted nedbank to resolve this but it seems their linda has been so bias and treated me like trash and very incompetent.

Nov 2, 2016

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