Navy Federal Credit Union / membership enrollment

United States

Navy federal is hoaxing people into new memberships per their $50 promotion you get for singing up, something I didn't know about when I called to inquire about their banking services. I have been insulted today in the worst way. My brother referred me and I went through "membership eligibility" twice and opened two accounts. After receiving my check card I called to inquire about making a deposit via atm. The asociate flat-out ignored my inquiry and began to ask me who referred you, how are you related and so on. After the third sequential question, I asked why the purpose of this line of questioning she stated it was to prove my eligibility for membership. I told her I was working and didn't have time to speak with her at length about it but that I was already a member and I was calling to get a general question answered regarding their atm services and then she informed me that my card was going to be deactivated since I could not provide her with the information she was seeking immediately!! When I asked why would I be issued a card in the first place if I didn't meet eligibility requirements in the telephone interviews I had? No hard answer. Why would you attempt to collect this information post opening accounts navy federal? Why would you penalize your new customers with retroactive practices without even a notice? I didn't receive any notice of the need for further information or documentation prior to this. And just to think, I was about to transfer my money into these accounts! This is a practice of deception to get new members on your books first and then shake them down to find out if they can stay on them! I'm telling everyone I know!

Jun 22, 2015

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