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Mr. Cooper (collections sup) [protected]

He was rude, disrepectful, and not willing to resolve the issue at with waiving "some late fee"--not all...The last fees were accessed due to my allotment being set up 10 days after the payment was actually due. No one ever explained this to me. In fact, when I would call the reps at the 1800 # they stated that I had nothing to worry about if a payment was coming out, and the messages were automated. Little did I know late fee were being accessed.Mr. Cooper was impatient and did not want to listen and stated that he will not waive ANY fees on a courtesy basis..I wished him a great day. Mr. Cooper did not keep his cool and got frustrated and let his unprofessionalism come out, even though I was calm, and assertive.
Navy Federal Serve Your Service MEmebers!!NOW!!
Lesson: Some folks dont respect themselves enough to respect others.
Pay more attention to your statements and make navy fed reps resolve issues asap...

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  • Pe
      Apr 16, 2009

    you said it :Lesson--Pay more attention to your statements and make navy fed reps resolve issues asap...

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  • Bj
      May 14, 2009

    At this point in my life based on the level of service and inconsistency among the different departments I would rather do business with a loan shark. You guys are awful, terrible, careless and unappreciative of your members faithful service. You truly should be ashamed of the business you are operating and I believe that if it continues you will self implode.

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  • Qu
      Jun 10, 2009

    Ok so maybe some inconsistent information was given but you did agree to a due date when you accepted the loan you applied for and if you chose to pay that late every month you should be willing to take some of that responsibility. Customer service is there to assist not handle your finances for you. You have statements, online access and 24/7 phone access. If you were given incorrect info and recieved your statement or monitored your accounts you would have caught it before there were "feeS" and maybe had better luck getting it waived-which means it comes out of our pocket-those fees pay those collections agents that are hired because of those people who can't pay on time. I strungle as well but I know what my bills are and make sure they are paid on time or before the due date because with 30 days in a month I know I have to pay it at sometime and if my bill is due on the 10th and I get paid on the 5th and 19th- I pay it on the 5th; it's not going to be cheaper on the 19th. It's simple sense.

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  • Ko
      Jun 12, 2009

    There is a reason that the Better Business Bureau rates NFCU an "F". There are other credit unions out there that deserve your business much more than Navy Federal.

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