Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / won't pay claim.

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Phone: 5709169006

Nationwide won't pay my claim. They say, because the person who hit me, won't respond to their calls and letters. They can't release the check. They already came and game me an estimate for the damage. Now they are doing nothing, because of the other person involved, who caused the accident. That woman gave me all her insurance/vehicle information. When I filed the claim, all that info was correct. However for the simple reason, she won't respond to her own insurance company, they won't pay the claim.

Aug 05, 2014
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  • Ja
      Apr 02, 2010
    Nationwide - Don't honor their Contracct
    United States

    First, I have a problem reaching Nationwide, they have a recording that keeps me on hold and I still don't get to speak to anyone about my problem. I emailed the warranty division and still got no reply. Once when I did get them for my A/C, they didn't cover the charges. I had a problem with plumbing and they told me they didn't cover fixtures. It wasn't a fixture problem. Each time I've had a problem they refuse to honor their contract with me. Right now, I'm still waiting for them to contact me concerning a problem and still haven't heard from them.

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  • Ti
      Jun 07, 2010
    Nationwide - no need to call me
    England, Northamptonshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 01902 500090

    I have no idea how they know my home phone number and believe to be Nationwide Survey. With my profoundly deaf and cannot pick up the phone is impossible for me to hears the voice, instead I used via typetalk from my display caller and turn out to be From NationWide Surveyors. Thank you. Please remove their list on my home phone.

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  • Br
      Feb 24, 2011
    Nationwide - Scam
    United States

    Police officials from Plymouth are suspecting three companies of running a scam that involves credit card and bank accounts of individual users across the country. The three companies are Wolfen Solutions, Superior Technologies and Synergy Design Solutions.
    Police officials ran into these companies when following up on a complaint lodged by a resident. The complainant was unnerved and came to the police after noticing unfamiliar charges piling up in his credit or bank account.
    It is now believed that the scam is weaning money directly from the accounts or using credit cards illegally to make purchases against them. People living in Michiana are especially at risk. However, investigations done so far have turned up victims across the country. So, suspecting that the scam is a nationwide one, Plymouth police warn that anybody can be their next victim. They are urging everyone to keep a close watch on their credit card, debit card and internet banking accounts.
    Stealing money from accounts in this manner is possible when secret access codes like login passwords, PIN number, and account numbers are compromised and fall into the hands of online fraudsters. There are two ways that fraudsters can get hold of this data.
    They can either purchase it from other online criminals or they can steal it themselves. This is done by using secretly downloaded malicious programs. The malware, as such programs are called, keep a track of all online transactions made by users on an infected computer. Then it collects all login passwords and similar confidential information and passes them on to fraudsters.
    Police officials are world over dread receiving such types of complaints. More often than not, they end up in their list of unsolved crimes as such scams throw up few leads that the police can pursue to trace the criminals and bring them to justice.

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  • Vi
      May 23, 2011
    Nationwide - Very Poor Taste
    United States

    I was appalled by the content of the 'Nationwide' TV advertisment on last night's television. Having spent months in a wheelchair myself I consider myself forunate to be no longer handicapped in this way. My stroke left me helpless for months and, to see someone leaping from a wheelchair to perform aerial gymnastics with a football struck me as a very sick joke aimed at those whose existence is confined in this way and whose lif will always be to be imprisoned in this way. Please, no more!

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  • Lm
      Jun 19, 2012
    Nationwide - Insurance Claim
    Nationwide Enterprise
    United States

    I was in a car accident a few weeks ago wherein the other driver (covered by Nationwide) ran a RED light and I could not avoid collision. I called the police to file a report and the other driver received a citation for running a red light. Nationwide offered a damages settlement of 80/20 percent even though I wasn't at fault for the accident. Later they did a damages estimate of my car, without me there, claiming $2, 000 of damage was done PRIOR to the accident and offered to only pay for $220! Without hiring an attorney or taking them to Small Claims Court, I can't fight them because I was only covered for liability with my insurance company.

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