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National Tire and Battery / this company is money hungry sleazebags who truly don't care about the customers safety

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I had my car serviced at the plymouth ma location and the manager was very rude. they misdiagnosed my car, charging me astronomical fees and my car was still not working right. one of the parts they said they replaced was a wheel bearing, after complaining and going back to have my car looked at again the manager was very rude and refused to come out to take a look/drive my car to hear the noise. I took my car to another mechanic to have them listen to the sound and they told me that it was the wheel bearing (the same one that NTB supposedly replaced) so i brought my car back to them AGAIN and the manager was still very rude and finally put my car back on the lift and said that it wasnt my wheel bearing, that it was my transmission. I was so angry at this point because i paid money for parts and work done on my car and it came out in worse condition then it already went out in. So after they told me that the problem was my transmission, i went out to look for a new car because a transmission is outrageous! then i decided to go back to the other mechanic and he put my car up on the lift and replaced my wheel bearing (the same one that NTB "replaced") angrily, i paid for the new wheel bearing and contacted NTB in the morning after leaving a message for the manager, he never called me which resulted me in having to write a letter to the company. Finally I got in touch with the supervisor and he didnt really care to hear the story, basically just looking to get me off the phone and not tell anyone about their mistake of letting me take a dangerous car off the lot and basically (fraud) ripping me off. so he said that they would pay for the wheel bearing that got replaced, after sending him the bill they only paid for half of it which lead me to having to contact the manager again who then decided that he was "sorry" (lame apology) and declared that he would send out a check for the difference. NOT once did i get an apology from the manager or an offer for the inconveniences that they caused in my life (I missed work and school because my car was broken and i had to bring it back TONS of times) This company is money hungry sleazebags who truly don't care about the customers safety as well as satisfaction! absolutely HORRIBLE customer service!


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