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National City Bank / accepting a check that was out of date

1 Dayton, OH, United States

A year and a half ago we found it necessary to stop payment on a check we had given out for work that was not done. We kept the Stop Payment active for approximately one year then our bank (Key Bank) told us that it was no longer necessary to keep the Stop payment on the check and so we let it go. The check was stamped with a Stop Payment order on the front of the check from the first time the man tried to have the check cashed. One year and a half later he apparently put the check in with other checks and deposited same at the ATM. It, of course, went on through but the bad thing is that the National City Bank Proof Department in Cleveland< Ohio did not catch the bad check that was stamped STOP PAYMENT and so we are out the money for the work that did not get done one and a half years ago. I cannot even imagine a Proof Reader letting that go by without checking up on the check clearly stamped STOPPED PAYMENT and then did not notice that it was written September 8, 2008. To put it all in a nutshell National City gets what they pay for. They also were not willing to charge the man's account with the Stop payment check and give us our money back. They said they could not do that. Now they want their money for various charges they have against them but what about the poor working guy who does the right thing and National City Bank tells them they cannot give them the money for a STOPPED PAYMENT CHECK THAT IS A YEARS AND A HALF OLD. What a stupid bunch. It is no wonder they are in financial trouble.

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