Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White Peoplenaomi alyce / naomi alyce williams is a racist

This is Naomi Alyce Williams who lives in Tampa, Florida and is from Buffalo, New York. She is on GoFundMe begging for money to study in Japan and Panama. Apparently she wants to also spread her hatred of anyone who isn't black to those countries as well.

She makes it clear that she HATES white people, she refers to them as "Colonizas"(which is a racial slur against white people)

In her spare time she likes to associate with antifa and black lives matter which are ignorant hate groups. She works at Starbucks and purposely likes to get white peoples names wrong according to her twitter "SlimBellyBella" she loves to get back at white people in any way possible at ANY opportunity.

Here is what she says "Y'all... Starbucks hired me and I be in there [censored]ing up white ppl names for the culture... I dead ass spelled "Jeff" like "Gef" for the hell of it"

Then Naomi Alyce Willimas tells white people that "For all the sensitive pussies in my mentions" "STFU and enjoy your Pike"

These are the ramblings of a hate-filled [censored] who has inferiority complex and lashes out at anyone who is white in order to "get back at tha man" its petty and pathetic.

I am African American and people like Naomi Alyce Williams (Naomi Alyce) are setting blacks back 200 years with this kind of vitriol.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tampa, FL Not a damn person alive here in the USA has had anything to do with slavery, so why are we still bringing that up?

Naomi Alyce Williams (Naomi Alyce) claims she wants to "study health law and have a career in international/national health policy making."

Now could you imagine someone who is so hate filled and bitter towards an entire race of people and then being in charge or making any policy that has to do with health?

Right now she works at Starbucks and "messes up white people's names for "The culture" (Meaning to "get back" at the white people for perceived "wrongs" that has created a bitterness in Naomi Alyce Williams.) So the only thing she can do is lash out by spelling names wrong. But if she is allowed to get in the health field she will likely do a lot more than get names wrong "for the culture."

Now if this person is allowed in the medical field in ANY capacity imagine what she would do to White "Coloniza" patients? She would likely mess up their paperwork or cause mix ups in medications ("For the culture")

Naomi Alyce Williams is a hate filled fool who does not represent African Americans in any way shape or form. This kind of person is looked at as ignorant and trashy by anyone with a 3rd grade education or higher. She encourages people to "support black businesses" (which in and of itself is racist)

How about supporting ANY business that treats customers right and has great services or products regardless of who owns it. In her own mind she thinks she is somebody, but the reality she is nobody and proves it with her hate filled venom against whites that comes out of her mouth.

Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People
Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People
Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People
Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People
Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People
Naomi Alyce Williams HATES White People

Dec 12, 2018

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