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Fourways, ZA

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I went to Nandos Broadacres around 14:30 pm yesterday and I purchased 10x2 winglets, a leg portion n chips. I then made a special request to the teller for the meat to be not burnt (due to previous experience with Nandos Broadacres), another request was for a little sauce (a spoon only) on the wings as they usually put a lot of sauce. To my trauma and disappointment, I tasted and immediately saw blood on the plate on one winglet attached below. To me it looked like human blood. The entire meat, all winglets, were very well done...they even had slightly burnt parts. When I returned the meat, the manager on duty even cut the winglet in question infront of me and it was well done, there was no blood inside of it.

I have been buying winglets at Nandos since they were first introduced and never have I ever seen blood on it. The worst part is that the blood was on the outside of the winglet, on the breast like part...the hardest part of the winglet. Where did that come from? The manager on duty today made me speak to the area manager and I relayed my story and sent her the picture below. To my surprise, the picture of the winglets the area manager received from whoever was sending her from Nandos Broadacres is not the same as the very well done winglets I was given. What gives..?what is this..? is someone playing some sick joke on me..?who is fooling who? I had to go to the hospital due to the trauma and anxiety experienced. I spent money not budgeted for and still going to spend more money.

I am deeply disturbed, disgusted and traumatised by all this. Me and my loved ones are never going to set foot at any Nando's branch ever again. I hate Nandos!

Nando's Chickenland

Nov 18, 2017

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