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When you type my name in a browser this is how I am exposed. I have filed complaints with MY Life through email yet they continue to expose this information publicly. Previously it did not include my maiden name but this week it does. I have to find a job in the future and I certainly do not need my age exposed publicly. I have deleted all social forum accounts. Not sure what to do now

Darci Zickuhr (Hamilton), 54 - Hobart, IN |®

Darci Zickuhr (Hamilton), 54 - Hobart, IN. View in depth free public information, contact info & photos on anyone like Hobart IN resident Darci Zickuhr (Hamilton)

Mar 04, 2016
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  • Ma
      Jun 28, 2016

    This discusting scam of a website is an open invitation to identity theives. How dare they publish personal information without that persons consent I am writing to the state and my senator to do something about them. They publish maybe sometimes incorrect garage which can only be removed if a person pays them this is extortion and it has to stop.

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