MyLifeunethical behavior/invasion of privacy

When I look up my own name on the internet I see that a site called MyLife has posted information about me! I know nothing about this company. I have never given them any information about me...yet they have posted very boldly on the internet my name and lots of information about me that is true and untrue...things I would not share with anyone... on the internet for the world to see...and this is without signing in and "looking me up"!
Who are these people? I am furious! they have posted a birthday, names of relatives, an age, a political party.
There is a place where you can click to '"edit information, but when I click it I am asked to pay for a membership! What? they want me to pay? What a scam!
Please please, there must be a way for me to protect my privacy. I want my information off of this site! Please help!

Feb 04, 2017

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