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I have received no less than 1343 emails from this company in less than a year. They are demanding money for them to stop.

They act, without my authority, by spying on a former girlfriend by searching for her online presence. She is also receiving their reports stating I'm "looking" for her (or "investigating") her.

I'm not, the emails sent to her and to me are totally false. Further they imply I'm stalking her. Thus damaging to my reputation.

MyLife is acting in a manner that may not be legal. Please stop them.

Thank you,

Ulrich Witte

Jan 24, 2017
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  • Je
      Jan 25, 2017

    Go to the following page which was just launched in Facebook

    Those who are wronged can gain greater visibility in a large social media website, by sharing your story there.

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  • Bi
      Jul 18, 2017

    I can see why people could get suckered into But in my case, I felt victimized not even wanting to get involved in it. I do investigations as part of my work. Basically, I use two services: Google and a private security agency. It was the private security agency that clued me in that was spying on me. Hey, I own my own company and I do some private investigations. I've had a couple of people arrested for the things I've discovered. But I'm just a little fish in a big ocean. The funny thing is their spying didn't really uncover much of anything. They never had the city I live in correct (and my home phone and company are listed in the public phone directory). They said they had uncovered things about relatives who said I did certain illegal activities in the past three years that will require me to hire a lawyer. I called my local county sheriff's station if there is a warrant out for my arrest. I told them what said about me. The deputies laughed it off. "You're one of the straightest shooters in this town. If there is a warrant out for us to arrest you, we know where you live." The accusing relatives were my ex-wife (divorced in 2006/she cut off all communication with me in 2010), my late sister (who died in 2009), my late mother (who died fairly recently and was suffering from dementia for the past three years up to her death), and a "brother" they claim who knows me well (but isn't my brother and I never heard of him). As soon as I knew about all this I began to take it upon myself to get out of business. They have no reason to do what they do.

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