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I have an hd pvr decoder which worked perfectly in our home. Then we Moved to a flat block with a communal sattelite dish. Our decoder (an older model, silver, which connects with 4 cables at the back) is incompatible with the setup in our block, a problem not unique to our block. After many phone calls to Multichoice, having taken the decoder to the Multichoice office in Goodwood, and after having 2 installation companies come to try and set up our DSTV, we were finally advised by an installation company that the only solution was to replace our decoder. This was apparently the only way other people in other blocks had solved similar problems. The new decoder worked instantly. In other words, Multicoice sold us a piece of equipment which could not work in certain circumstances, forcing us to replace it. They did not issue a warning when selling this product that it could not work in flat blocks. At no point in all my contact with them did anyone tell me that the problem was the actual decoder itself, and at no point did Multichoice offer a solution. I emailed them about this problem, asking them to take some responsibility for their faulty software design, but they have thus far ignored me. Why shroud I have to pay to replace a dvice which they sold me under false pretences? They shroud take responosbilty for their design flaw.

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      23rd of May, 2012

    Multichoice is NO different to most big corporate companies that make millions out of us the consumers. They are very quick to take your money but the minute you have a problem they shut-up shop. I was talked into taking out decoder insurance for both my decoders by them, but now that I try to request assistance in putting in a claim for both which are faulty, they totally ignore my e-mails. I was given the assurance that by taking out the insurance, they would immediately replace said decoder/s with new ones. Their story know is, that I should take the decoders into their agent in Welkom, the decoders would then be sent up to Jo'burg, they would first be assessed, and then repaired if necessary. Turnaround period: 7 to 10 days. Hows that for Service ? What happened to my new decoders as promised ? Sorry Sir you live in a small town like Welkom, so our agents don't keep extra stock. Couldn't they pick it up on their system, that I live in Welkom, when selling me the insurance ??? I have after numerous unsuccessful attempts of trying to get a response out of them via their e-mail Customer Complaints Service, decided to buy 2 new decoders and send them an account via my attorneys.

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