Multichoice DSTVairing of shows dropped

Mnet channel 101 broadcasted Master Chef Junior reality competition show every weeknight for the past 3-4 weeks only to stop airing it literally just before the finals (2-3 episodes at the most left to finish the show). Instead we are given filler episodes of Britain's got talent specials and the channel is now proudly advertising the new Britain's got talent show to start airing next week. What about the end of the Master Chef Junior??? No "sorry" message on the TV during airing time, nothing said about it to us the viewers. Do you really think people like to pay to watch half shows? My money is better spent on an ADSL line and streaming off the internet if this is the service quality we are getting for monthly subscription fees that keep increasing. Honestly, with the ever redundant repetition of old shows on DStv, the only thing we viewers really look forward to watching are the premiers on Mnet and the sports. Now it seems its better not to invest time on these shows because we might not get to see how they end!!

May 17, 2017

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