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N Nov 16, 2017

Good day.

I am rather upset and disapointed in the service i have received from Multichoice.

As a hotel we welcome numerous guest daily to our premises and was unable to provide a basic service in forms of televised entertainment to them what so ever on 15.11.2017& 16.11.2017

Our service was suspended on 15.11.2017 in the late afternoon. When I phoned customer care just after 5 pm, I was told that our account was in the rears.

No prior notification was given of any kind nor was there any phone call. No attempt has been made to contact me in regards to an apparent outstanding balance on our account. I was asked to send my proof of payments to [protected] of which I did but was told that being after 5pm we will not be reconnected. Needless to say I was rater unhappy with the situation as I had to explain to 176 guests as to why there is no DSTV in my hotel. Ref# for my second call to commercial is #[protected].

I then phoned this morning 16.11.2017 and was then told that I need to send my proof of payments (which dates back to November 2016) to [protected] Ref# 9423469

Afterwards I phoned commercial again and was put through to billing. I am currently still holding the line to be assisted and the timer is standing on 1 hour and 53 mins waiting for someone to assist me. Honestly I don't think someone is going to assist me at all today.

Last night I lost over R10'000.00 in revenue and not to speak about the upset guests that is currently in-house. Am I going to be reimbursed for the service I have not received and the lost of revenue?

Earlier this month I did receive the statement but as you will see on the attached picture it does not reflect anything in 30days + outstanding.

Please could someone explain why your statements is not reflecting anything in the provided columns for outstanding amounts?
not yet due / 1-30 days / 31 -60 days / 61 -90 days / > 90 days
All these reflect 0 balance outstanding!

This type of service & customer care is appalling to say the least.

Very disapointed!!


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