MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / service switch off 1/2 a week while I have paid up to date

Hazyview, South Africa

The start of June 2017 I have change my decoder from pvr to explorer 2. They keep on switching my service off and send messages that my account is outstanding. I have paid the full service amount the start of the month. I have phoned DSTV to inform them that we have changed decoders. They changed it and all was good. In this 1st month we using the explorer was off atleast 5 times. Then I have to phone explain the same story over and over, they switch it back on...few days later off again...same story over and over... This morning my DSTV is off again... when is thin going to stop. To top this all up I have applied for the pricelock decoder... they sended me 2 decoders... I phoned to inform them about the 2nd decoder they said it will be picked up... 3 weeks later and still waiting...they also assured me that this is not on my account and I will not be charged for the 2nd decoder. Before I received the first decoder I received a call from dstv asking if I orderd 2 or 1 decoder were I replied only 1, so that call was a total waist. Account no is [protected]

Jun 27, 2017

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