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Good day,

I spoke to Thabo Mokoena REGARDING MY ACCOUNT and once again I find myself feeling frustrated because my account is still not updated with the discount and worse of all I'm now told I have showmax which I know for a fact I cancelled Thabo cannot explain where this R29 is coming from and decided to tell me it's because of the Showmax Subscription. I spoke to another consultant yesterday who assure me that all is in order with my account. Adjust my account accordingly and apply that discount so that it shows the R460 plus my PVR. I want to see the correct balance going forward and I want this R29 to be removed from my account. Your service is SHOCKING. I waited on the line forever waiting for Absalom, Thabo Mokoena's Team leader to come to the phone. He did not bother I'm still waiting for him to call me till this hour. Im paying for a service I insist on getting one.

Nov 29, 2018

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