MultiChoice Africa / DSTVmultichoice account

Well, where do I start? On 3 January I paid R1350, 22 into our DSTV account as Dec. amount + pro-rata did not go of the account. But then on 30 Jan DSTV took R2924, 42 from our account. I phoned in twice and they said that the R1350, 22 will be refunded into my bankaccount as that money went into the previous DSTV account and not in the new account which is the explorar. But R2924, 42?????? It is UNACCEPTABLE!!! When I phoned in the Lady said it was a system error and R824, 42 will be refunded.

SO NOW IT IS A TOTAL OF R1350, 22 and R824, 42 which adds up to R2174, 64 that must be paid back into my BANKACCOUNT and NOT into my DSTV account. We have a child to take care of and woooops here comes DSTV not keeping with their own contract. I want my money back please and it is urgent.

Thank you

Feb 02, 2017

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