MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / installation of explora 2

South Africa

Good day, I would like to advise of the utterly bad service received after paying R3200.00 to get our decoders. Yesterday someone from Blingstallation came and installed our primary decoder and wanted to charge us R2400.00 for the secondary decoder installation (this is damn ridiculous). We canceled the installation of the second one and did it ourselves. Now our problem started soon after the technician left with the following errors on some of the channels (note every second or third channel) E48-32 & E16-4. After spending the whole day on the phone with Multichoice trying every route we could the problem was still not fixed they then advised me that the problem is then with the installation of the decoder (this is after 5 phone calls and exhausting every cell phone’s airtime. Now this morning I call the installers and advice them what I have been told by Multichoice they then continued to tell me that should the problem not be on their side they will bill me R450.00 for every hour (I will not pay this as I have been told by Multichoice that the problem is then with the installation). Secondary decoder I cannot see what is showing as I just keep on getting no information available, I cannot record, pause or rewind while watching a show???? (As per my understanding and the “getting started booklet” you are supposed to be able to do this, not so?
How am I going to get this sorted as I have already paid for a service I am not getting? I now seriously doubt going on with DSTV as my father used to have the same problems and he just ended up canceling everything. I am very annoyed with this; it’s wasting my time and my money.
Please give me feedback my customer number is [protected] their accreditation number is [protected].

May 18, 2017

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