MultiChoice Africa / DSTVincorrect item sold, misled, and than change of ownership not done, pathetic customer service received from staff and managers

Good day. My dad is a dstv client, it was from the "old day" with mnet, than just adding dstv, the service I pay for is dstv compact and the indian channel. I wanted to add box office., I was than told my the sales agent it can be done, I will need to pay from my account for the 89.00 per month, which makes no difference as I already am paying the subscription monthly. But she misinformed me by saying the new dstv explorer can be linked to my dads current dstv account, meaning it would just automatically work once its installed. On the 16/11/2018, the installers were there, only to find out, nothing worked, I called in spoke to thembinkosi shibambo. Who kept me on the line for over an hour. My telephone bill. I also spoke to his manager boipelo who confirmed they will resolve this issue. More than a week passed, I emailed thembinkosi and his partner tremendous mufamadi. I get no feedback., I than speak to clyde letswalo. Who really tries to assist me, also advising he asked boipelo to call me - no return call from this supervisor. A week later on the 23/11/2018, thembinkosi calls me advising he wasn't in. So does it mean customer service stops?? Especially since ive been sending numerous emails since the 16/11/2018. He says my dads id number is incorrect. Not taking into consideration that mnet subscription was taken out about 20 something years ago. And I sent him whatever id documentation we have. He insisted he cannot assist and that my dad who is 70 years old, has a heart condition amongst many other illnesses must got stand in a queue. I thank asked for boipelo. She came to the phone and advised everything will be sorted as they do have all the required documentation, she would email me that day which is 23/11/2018 - no emails received, and will call me the following day 24/11/2018. No telephone calls received. Im actually disgusted at the type of service received, especially coming from a service environment. Thembinkosi didn't provide me with any incident/ref numbers but clyde did on i147. If a superviser cannot take customer service serious than I don't blame the staff for following suit. Dstv is so laid back as they don't have competition. Im actually on the verge of cancelling this subscription. Vvery disgusted with the way this has been handle,

Nov 26, 2018

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