MultiChoice Africa / DSTVhd decoder upgrade

On 23 December 2016 I bought and fitted a new HD decoder, In fact it replaced my old decoder.So it didn't correspond with DSTV 's info.They detected a new decoder was connected, so I phoned into the call centre.I told them I fitted a new HD decoder.They told me they will use the new HD decoder s smart card number.I assumed the old decoder will fall away. After 2 months I noticed I have to pay double premium.I phoned the call centre to ask why.They said to me that I didn't specify that they must cancel the old decoder.It was my intention to cancel the old decoder but maybe they didn't understand it so.Then I asked the operator why THEY didn't ask specifically if THEY must cancel the old decoder, then she got angry and raised her voice.It happened at an earlier call in also where their operators were rude and talked arrogantly and raised their voices.If DSTV operators had a proper protocol, they would have asked as standard, if the client wants to replace the old decoder.I now paid 2 months subscription unnecesarilly because of their incompetenceThe fact that they are arrogant and rude make things worse! when they don't realise that DSTV customers pay their salaries.

Feb 06, 2017

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