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Hi there
I have had the worst experience i've had a very long time with a service provider, and I really hope that someone at dstv / multichoice south africa could at least acknowledge all my concerns below and get back to me urgently. I don’t have the time during the day to speak to a service centre who anyway has no authority to do anything.
I ordered an explora about 2 months ago. That is a whole long story by itself, after being decline credit (Where clearly that was a mistake)
Nobody bothered at any stage to explain what this process is like and that you have to deal with 4 different departments to get this thing approved and delivered, and when you speak to call centres nobody can actually help and I have to call a new nr each time.   horrible experience.
Anyway, after more than a month, they emailed me late dec, and when I returned back to work 9th jan, approved the credit and I completed the process for a delivery.   so here is further issues that I please need urgent feedback on.
Package:  r949 monthly subscription with dish and installation.
My id nr:  800706****089 - natasha marshall
My phone nr: ‪082 *** *000
1. Delivery
They delivered my explora last week, without the dish.
I have logged 2 request to ask why it was not delivered, ive had no feedback yet.  
My order nr was 403088 - when a. Allan signed for it he did write on there that the dish was not received.   pls advise when I will receive this.
And they just rocked up at our house, no phone call, luckily someone was there??
2. Dual view
We called and they are installing this morning with our current dish.
When I spoke to the call centre in december - I asked about the dual view specifically.   they specifically said there is no additional cost.
When we called the installer yesterday, they said its r600 extra.
So today they will not be installing the dual view but I need someone to go to my recordings with dstv and find that call where the lady confired no cost.
Then I hope that dstv will call another installer to come and put up the dual view for us at no cost, as I wasnt going to take that risk today and then I get billed.
3. High bill
I just received a debit order of r1811.   can someone please explain why this is so high?? My new package is r949 and was activated as per my sms on thursday, 19th jan, device nr a100143748.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Natasha marshall

Product development manager

T: ‪[protected]‬
F: ‪011 699 0943‬
E:natasha. [protected]

Jan 26, 2017

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