MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / dstv incompetence

South Africa

I officially closed my DSTV account over 2 years ago, made my final payment later then i wanted because of a mistake on your side. Now i am being pestered by non existent arrears weekly, regardless of me closing the account due to utter negligence on your side.

One further issue i have is that from the very start of my utilizing of your services, i was assured that because i had made only cash payments, my DSTV would not run if payment was not made, as it is a month to month service. So what DSTV has gone and done is officially overrun that service without my knowledge, even after i had un-linked my smartcard & removed my decoder and now i am expected to pay for negligence on their behalf.

The onus was on me and if not for calling i would not have known the disconnection time and payment needed to close the account. Hence the reason for me directly calling your offices and discussing the disconnection over the phone. I was then told at that time that i could not close the account immediately that month and was required to pay for the next month after one of your assistants told me " Account needs to be cancelled a month before and payed a month in advance before termination can continue", which i proceeded to do as per advisement.

DSTV has now gone a further month over the requested termination "All this in 2015", without my knowledge or use and now requires me to pay due to a monumental error on your side.

This is why i left DSTV...Bad service, no help, over paying and under-delivering.

Sep 22, 2017

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