MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv explorer price lock

Hi, I have had a DSTV PVR for the past few year, which I am paying R844 debited from my account.
A consultant called me in Dec to offer me the Price Lock offer, which I accepted to take.
My understanding of this agreement was once the Explorer was installed, I was supposed to call and cancel my PVR subscription and activate the Price Lock offer.
I have been away on holiday, so now I am installing the Explorer,
But I just received an sms saying that I owe R2872.80 -
When I call DSTV, they say that's it is for the explorer,
So they have already been deducting the R844 every month, up until 25 Jan - but now I have to pay for the explorer which I have not even installed yet.
I will not be paying for 2 services, if I have only been using one.
I only have one connection in my house, .
I have called DSTV twice already, and they keep saying someone will call me back, but I have not received any calls yet resolving this matter,
All I want to be charged for one service, not 2 . I don't even mind if they re-allocate the funds that I have paid for the PVR already to the Explorer, and I can pay the difference . But I will not pay for both, when I have only used one.

Sasha Jaggernath

Jan 31, 2017

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