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After having the misfortune of dealing with the absolutely incompetent staff at MTN Observatory, I’m not convinced that MTN, as a service provider, would actually care about this complaint. For a company that spends so much money of building their brand, I find it impossible to believe that you would entertain such low quality, when it comes to the MTN SP’s! Never in my life have I experienced a more pathetic approach to customer service.
Naturally when I went there to secure my upgrade they were very friendly, soon afterwards I realised that I made a terrible mistake trusting these sharks to do anything other than make money off me!

The problem started when they did not have stock available of the phone I chose to upgrade to and could only secure stock four days later. At this point I specifically asked whether another outlet would have stock, but was told that since we’ve already started the paperwork, I now have to follow through with the Observatory outlet. This was obviously utter nonsense, but I let it slip and was told by the sales person that, “you will get better service from us than Canal Walk, anyway they don’t really know what they’re doing at Canal Walk”.

From the moment I received my new BlackBerry phone I experienced problems with dropping calls. I returned to MTN Observatory to query this and was told that there is a general network problem and that you are working on it. I questioned whether it could be hardware and was told that it’s not the phone or any component of it as she, Yura Davids, personally double checked everything and that all was in order. I was amazed by Yura’s sudden lack of enthusiasm and the obvious lack of product knowledge. I dealt with the call centre later that week and as the problem persisted, I was making no headway so went back to MTN Observatory and insisted that the phone be exchanged, this time she simply told me that we’ve missed the return date and that the only option would be to take the phone for repairs. She could not indicate how long this would take, she refused to escalate my complaint and they could not even offer me a loan device for the unknown repairs duration. As I use my phone for business this was not an option and I left, having yet again, not gotten anywhere and being stuck with a phone that would drop almost EVERY call I made or received!

Today I spoke with Timothy Clouts from the MTN Network Coverage department who very first resolve was to enquire whether my SIM was 3G enabled, according to him this was the obvious reason for the persistent problem. I returned to MTN Observatory to get a new SIM and to complain about the very apparent lack of product knowledge and the utterly despicable service that I had to suffer from them. No apology was made, no resolve was offered and one of Mrs. David’s colleagues screamed at me to leave her shop! THIS is NOT acceptable! As the front for the MTN brand, this barbaric attitude, is an extension of what YOU consider to be client service. I have decided to simply take my business elsewhere and will on Monday initiate the proceedings to rather go to Vodacom.

I can however guarantee you that I will lodge complaints with all available consumer forums and make damn sure that everybody I know, know of the pathetic service standard I received from MTN.

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  • Mc
      20th of Oct, 2010
    MTN service provider - Cell phone contract
    Mr MCB Venter
    South Africa

    I have been trying for the past 8 months to transfer my son's contract from my name to his name. All the documents (bank statement, copy of ID's) were handed in at the Longbeach mall, Noordhoek store. To date NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! and after various queries being lodged and a lot of my time it is still deducted from my account. I have already lodged a complaint on hellopeter website and MTN has not even made any effort to answer. I have to phone everytime, my costs, time and patience that has run out long time ago.
    I am seriously considering to change my SP to vodacom if I do not have any satisfactory reply within 7 working days from todday's date.
    Mr MCB Venter

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  • Re
      29th of Mar, 2011

    I went to the Pavillion MTN branch on Thursday the 24th of March 2017 to apply for a 3 G CARD. I was later contacted on my mobile to say it had been passed. I have to collect it. We live in Scottburgh and I sent my son to fetch it for me. Again I received a phone call to tell me I would be advised when my card would be activated. It is now Tuesday 5pm. 29 March 2017 and after numerous calls and promises I am still waiting to be connected and for Imtaiz to give me a call. I have been a client of MTN for the past 12 years is this how loyal clients get treated or do we all have to stand in a que and wait for lightning to strike.

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  • Ak
      17th of Jul, 2011
    MTN service provider - Upgrade issue
    South Africa

    Mtn staff is pathetic, they are not customer friendly, they think they own mtn, i've got 2 contracts with mtn and both of my contracts I have had endless problems when upgrading, i'v got the contracts for over 15 years and from 2017 i'm having problems. The first upgrade was in 2017 when the stupid lady did'nt check the phone properly and when I got home to insert the sim I noticed the back cover not closing properly so I took the phone back within 45min. And she tells me that I dropped the phone and they have to follow procedure and do a obf, so I sat without a phone for 3weeks untill they sent it to nokia to see if I droped the phone, finally they had to give me a new phone. Today 17/07/2017 I went to do a upgrade on my second number (Now I know mtn, u can upgrade in the 20th month) i'm currently paying r299 on mtn anytime 200, so I went to upgrade to mtn 100 which is r149 the idiot tells me I have to pay r99 x 4 in order for me to upgrade because i'm in the 20th month my contract of r299 only ends in november, so I have to pay for the next 4 months in order for my mtn100 to be effective.

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