MTN / poor internet signal and service

South Africa

I have complained on the 12th of march regarding my internet signal. See the above
Mentioned reference number. I have spoken to siyangele. She told me that you would sent
Somebody to my house to see why I had only edge. This should have happened within 10
Working days. Today I phoned again and spoke to patric. He said nobody is supposed to come
Out to my property. I have at least 4 contracts with mtn. I have been with you for the
Last six years and this is how you mistreat your customers. According to me I have paid
For 3g internet service and not edge. I didn't knew at the time of signing the contract
That you where able to see what signal I have at my property. However you sold the
Contract to me knowing that I had only edge at my property. Isn't this fraud. Wasn't you
Supposed to inform your customer that he wouldn't be able to recieve 3g and then it is up
To him whether or not to go ahead with the contract. If you don't come back with 24 hours
To my complaint I will definetely go to hellopeter for proper advice and to inform
Potential customers of their rights and not to be mislead by you. Thank you.

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