MTN / hacking into my phone

United States

I have phoned MTN twice now to report that there is someone several people that are accessing facebook from my phone which in my opinion is fraudulent, as well as the fact that i am fitting the bill.

I was told that this is not MTN's problem, whcih i find unacceptable, as there is clearly someone hacking into my phone, and as an MTN customer, i expect service and assitance!!!

It is also importatn to note that i have never allowed anyone else to access facebook from my phone at any time, so HOW DOES THIS the interim i continue to pay...

Another worrying aspect is that they may have access to more of my PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION...???

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE...WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME SORT THIS OUT!!!??? After being an MTN customer for over 10 years...its disgusting...


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