MTNhow dare the staff of mtn be so rude unhelpful and arrogant

Today my mothers phone was stolen from her hand bag in Fryburg. She phoned me in a panick to block her sim which I managed to do after 20 mins of trying to get hold of MTN. Do you know if you are not an MTN customer you may not phone their help center? After finally finding a number which didn't say this number does not exist, I managed to contact someone who procceeded to block the sim, grateful I asked if there was anything else I should do? He replied that if I could find the IMEI number I could have the phone blocked too. I found the number and went through the next 15mins again waiting for someone to answer my call. The next person told me it was not possible unless I was the account holder. When I asked to speak to the person I had dealt with I was told he had signed out - at 14:55. When I requested a manager I was told no manager had signed in for the day. When I asked for a superior the phone went dead! Another 15mins of the next phone call...I asked immediately for s superior after explaining the whole rigmiraale again and was told to LISTEN AS I MUST UNDERSTAND. How dare the staff of MTN be so rude unhelpful and arrogant. Thank goodness I'm with someone else. Disgusting!


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